Johnnie Walker's striding man is now a striding woman called Jane Walker 

After more than 100 years, beverage giant Diageo’s Johnnie Walker brand has added a female counterpart to its iconic mascot in tribute to women around the world

author_img   |   Published :   |  27th February 2018 07:19 PM
Jane Walker

Jane Walker

Johnnie Walker has launched Jane Walker, its first-ever female iteration of the brand’s iconic ‘Striding Man’ logo. The company revamps the iconic Johnnie Walker logo for the first time in over a century to show a woman in boots—mid-stride and tipping her hat.


The Jane Walker Edition will be available in the US beginning March 2018, to coincide with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Jane Walker represents the brand’s commitment to supporting empowerment causes and widening its appeal among women. Specifically, Diageo will donate up to $150,000 to Monumental Women and an unspecified amount to She Should Run.   She Should Run is a group encouraging women to register and run for elected office.