World Environment Day: How this Tropicana initiative is helping farmers in Madhya Pradesh

The initiative will help plant 1,500 trees in Harda district which is aimed at benefiting farmers by making the soil fertile.
‘Tropicana Gift A Tree’ initiative
‘Tropicana Gift A Tree’ initiative

On World Environment Day, beverage brand Tropicana has taken up the task to build a green future by helping consumers plant trees through the ‘Tropicana Gift A Tree’ initiative. The initiative means that for every purchase of Tropicana 100% or Tropicana Essentials on e-commerce site Grofers, Tropicana will plant a tree Madhya Pradesh and together at least 1,500 trees, aimed at benefiting farmers in the Harda district of the Indian state.

Vineet Sharma, Brand Director of Tropicana, speaking about the initiative said, “Our brand is closely linked to nature as all our products are made from the fruit of nature and our ‘Tropicana Gift A Tree’ initiative is a small step towards giving back to the environment. There’s no better way to thank nature for its fruits than to gift trees back to nature. He went on to add that Tropicana has tied up with Grofers and Grow-trees for the initiative. 

Interestingly, Tropicana’s parent brand PepsiCo has been closely involved with over 24,000 farmers across the country, and have various agri-initiatives to promote environment protection. In Madhya Pradesh, the trees will be planted on the river banks, where they can benefit farmers by reducing farm risk and enabling them to diversify production as trees help improve the soil. Trees also prevent soil erosion in the area that may be caused by rain or flooding of the tributaries of the river Narmada.

As part of the initiative, bamboo and teak trees will be planted as Bamboo trees are fast-growing and their roots leach heavy metals from the soil, hold the soil together and help regulate the water table, drawing water closer to the surface. On the other hand, the teak plantation will lead to higher concentration of nutrients in the soil, making the land very fertile. 

While the ‘Gift A Tree’ was initiated in the festive season of 2017, Tropicana taking it a step further also conducted tree plantation drives across several schools, to inspire and inform children. 

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