Barbie visits iconic landmarks in India in an all-new avatar!

The collectibles, from the Colours of India series, will see Barbie in six different avatars, uniquely inspired by six heritage sites across the country.

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Barbie, from the house of Mattel Toys, launched an India-exclusive collection of dolls inspired by several cultural aspects of India. The collectibles, from the Colours of India series, will see Barbie in six different avatars, uniquely inspired by six heritage sites across the country.

Colours of India series brings to life several aspects of each iconic monument that inspired the doll-maker to create the collection. With distinct shifts of cultures at every step, each doll in the collection has found a unique muse in the beauty India has to offer. Barbie has seamlessly weaved in elements of iconic Indian heritage destinations into the collection that reflects contemporary designs in traditional wear. Inspiration from each design comes from unique architectural and design elements of monuments in India such as the jharokas of Hawa Mahal from the pink city, Jaipur; the mystical paintings from Ajanta Caves from Maharashtra, the opulent courtyards of Mysore Palace from Mysuru – the city of Palaces; the grand arches of South Indian heritage palace, Thirumallai Nayakkar Mahal in Madurai; the vibrant colours from Sikkim’s Gompas and the striking sheen of marbles from India’s wonder of the world; Taj Mahal. These elements are flawlessly integrated in the dolls’ designs and packaging as well.

Speaking on the range, Poornima Burte, Founder-Director, Design Orb said - “This was a great design opportunity to help little children rediscover our country with Barbie. The Colours of India series firmly roots Barbie in the Indian context. Barbie is curious about India and is on a travel spree to find out more. She is inspired by every place she visits - its unique architecture, motifs and colours, and chooses to style herself in her interpretation of every place she visits.

Each pack tells the story of the amazing destinations of India that span the length and breadth of our diverse country. Inspiration for the colours, motifs and architectural styles have been borrowed from the monuments of each destination. Barbie welcomes all her little friends to take this enriching journey of discovery with her.”

Barbie Visits Hawa Mahal

Barbie sets foot into a world away from home as she visits the beautiful Hawa Mahal in India’s Pink City – Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is iconic for its beauty and heritage, much like Barbie. She is adorned with a pink lehenga - a long flowing embroidered skirt in a combination styled to reflect the beauty of the iconic Hawa Mahal.

Barbie Visits Ajanta Caves

Barbie is seen at the ancient Ajanta caves, mesmerized by the mystical paintings. Set in the hilly regions of Maharashtra, the Ajanta caves are considered among one of the finest surviving examples of ancient Indian art. Barbie’s skirt and kurta combination is styled to reflect the intricate art and expressive style of the paintings seen in the Ajanta caves.

Barbie Visits Thirumallai Nayakkar Mahal in Madurai

Barbie experiences the magnificence and opulence of the royal Thirumallai Nayakkar Mahal in Madurai. Known for its rich cultural history, the palace boasts of a variety of structural finery and gold covered ceilings which are the key inspirations for Barbie’s saree.

Barbie Visits Mysore Palace

Barbie is seen at the royal Mysore Palace, cherishing the regal landscape of the heritage site. Known for its rich cultural history, the palace adorned with courtyards and gardens is the inspiration to many. Here, Barbie’s yellow saree reflects the opulence and regal tones of the Mysore Palace when it is lit up during the Indian festival of dussehra.

Barbie Visits the Gompas at Sikkim

Barbie visits the serene Gompas of Sikkim to soak in the vibrant tranquility of the region. Set in the Himalayan state, the Gompas are Buddhist centres of learning and a symbol of serenity. Barbie’s outfit is inspired by the traditional bakhu, a wraparound dress worn by Sikkim’s Bhutia community.

Barbie Visits India’s Wonder of the World – Taj Mahal

Barbie steps into a world of romance, grace and love as she sets foot into India’s wonder of the world – The Taj Mahal! Set royally on the banks of river Yamuna in Agra, the Taj Mahal is considered the epitome of the expression of love. Much like Barbie, the Taj Mahal is symbolic of grace reflected in a rich white and gold anarkali that Barbie adorns.