Look effortlessly beautiful with tips from celebrity make-up artiste Namrata Soni

Celebrated hair and make-up artiste Namrata Soni on how to look a million bucks during the pandemic

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  12th August 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th August 2020 12:00 AM

Celebrity make-up stylist Namrata Soni

With beauty filters becoming a rage during the lockdown period among fashion-conscious youngsters, Bollywood’s celebrated make-up artiste Namrata Soni has come up with her own set of virtual filters in collaboration with Graphixstory, a Kolkata based tech-driven advertising studio. We caught up with Bollywood’s most successful make-up and hair artiste — who has Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha and Shruti Hasaan in her list of clients — to chat about how to remain gorgeous during the pandemic. Excerpts:

Linner on Fleek Look 

Tell us a little about your new beauty filters. What was the idea behind it?

With technology steeping into every step of our lives, the idea behind the beauty filters was to create something for my followers who would enjoy using these beautiful filters back at home. With visually pleasing overlays now only a tap away, anyone can get a quick touch of #NAMGLOW look absolutely free. There are three beauty filters — Metallic Smoke, a classic recreation inspired by actor Sonam Kapoor’s Cannes look, Sunset Glow, an unapologetic flush of sunset hues on the lids along with a glass skin glow effect, and Liner on Fleek, to help achieve the minimal cat-eye.

With masks becoming an integral part of our lives in the foreseeable future, do you think lipsticks are going to be irrelevant?

Lipsticks will never be irrelevant as people will still wear it underneath their masks. It completes a look, so whether it’s a nude lipstick or a bright one, somebody will always wear it.

Metallic Smoke Look

What are your make-up tips for those going out during these times?

Since the mask is a mandate for all the outings, play up your eyes a little bit, have some fun with beautiful liners and add a bit of colour —it brightens up the dullness around you in the rainy season.

What should be a regular make-up like?

Regular makeup would be beautiful lovely soft skin, so if you have problematic skin use a BB Cream or a full coverage foundation and powder it very lightly just in places which are going to move or become oily. Play up your eyes, for the day just keep it simple like lovely coal or curl lashes with set eyebrows, soft blush, highlighter and lovely lip colour. Depending on the personality, one can sport a bold lip or a nude lip.

Sunset Glow Look

What kind of hairstyles one can opt for during these pandemic times?

One can blow dry, curl their hair, tie up into a top knot, keep it open and have some fun with it. Braids like waterfall braids, khajur chotis and fishtail braids work perfectly for this weather too.

With only the eyes visible, should one concentrate only on that?

That’s a personal choice to deal with the same. But, sometimes make sure you have beautifully filled-in lovely eyebrows. Add just a little bit of shimmery or a cream-based eye shadow; learn to curl your lashes well and apply a couple of coats of mascara, it makes your eyes pop and even with a mask on it looks really stunning.

Any tips for wedding make-up?

Just be yourself and do what you originally planned to do. If you are considering wearing a mask throughout the entire function, concentrate on bringing up your eyes and if it’s without a mask then make sure you do your complete make-up, including lips, eyes and skin work.

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