Star talk: Astrologer Jai Madaan tells you how to attract abundance in 2020 

A conversation with this multi-faceted personality might help you attain a thriving financial stability
Jai Madaan
Jai Madaan

Jai Madaan doesn’t just look like a million bucks — she can help you a make a million too. The Delhi-based astrologer and Vaastu expert will be in Chennai on February 2 to chat on abundance. And we wasted no time in getting straight to the point over a recent telephonic interview.“How does one get rich?” we asked.

Fortunately, for those seeking to up their income levels, there are a few generic tips we all can follow. “Quite the opposite of attracting love or remedying your PCOD issues,” the 37-year-old tells us, “which needs individual-focused attention” and a prescription we are told — that can vary on a number of variables, including planetary alignments. Your gynaecologist might not know what to make of this and you might be cynic — but plenty of folks swear by her sage readings (priced at a premium `29,300 an hour) including celebrities who don’t wish to be named. 

The questions aren’t always about love, money and marriage as we soon learn. “I’ve had women from big business houses come to me with serious inquiries about whether their domestic help will leave and men facing troubles needing my help to solve them ,” Madaan recalls. So the key, she tells us, over the course of her career that began as an innocent hobby reading palms at 12, has been simple, “Judge not, simply be a vessel for the divine to flow though.”

And following her curiosity and the gift of a strong intuition has led Madaan to add a myriad feathers to her cap — including relationship counsellor, numerologist, graphologist, tarot reader, palm reader and even... foot reader! 

But let’s get back on the money track. Madaan says there are three pillars to upping your financial game with immediate effect: change up your environment to match your goals, practice empowering affirmations and raise your vibration. For instance, in terms of Vaastu in your home (tip one), she recommends, “Frame a high denomination note that is specifically what you want to attract and place it in the West and East of your home.”

Money see, money do

If your money could talk, it would tell you — we infer — from our conversation with Jai Madaan that it isn’t just how you place your notes, but where — that determines what it gets spent on. “If you have a tendency to keep a wad of bills alongside medical prescriptions or credit card debt, that’s likely where your money is going to be spent in the future,” says Madaan. Instead, she recommends placing it in connection with aspirational experiences, “I always keep a hundred dollars in my passport, because I love to travel, and I do, all over the world.”

And you don’t have to be a stock and shares whiz to make the existing money you own work for you. A few quick switches you can make in your wallet right now include separating denominations of notes and ensuring coins are kept separately. “The way you keep money in your wallet is the way you attract it into your life. So spread out those notes neatly, not crumpled — and ensure lower denomination notes are not mixed with those of a higher denominations, this way their energy or frequency is not mixed.”

On February 2. 4 pm to 6 pm at Crowne Plaza Adyar Chennai Park.

(The views expressed here are strictly that of the interviewed expert, and Indulge takes no responsibility for the same.)

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