Indian chef Amit Puri redefines comfort food with the launch of his first cookbook

Expect over 100 contemporary recipes across cuisines such as Indian, European, Pan Asian and Middle Eastern
Chef Amit Puri
Chef Amit Puri

Renowned Chef and F&B Consultant Amit Puri released his first cookbook ‘Redefining Comfort Food With Amit Puri’. With over 100 contemporary recipes, the cookbook is a culmination of rich learning gathered by Chef Puri during his extensive travels across eight countries and over 20 cities in the last three years. The cookbook brings together recipes from multiple cuisines such as Indian (traditional and contemporary), European, Pan Asian and Middle Eastern. The book comprises of recipes that represent diversely varied palates. It is useful for beginners, professionals, home cooks and even aspiring cooks. 

<em>Curried lentil & salmon</em>
Curried lentil & salmon
<em>Fake kimchi & prawn tarts</em>
Fake kimchi & prawn tarts

Speaking about his experience of writing his first cookbook, Chef Puri said, “This cookbook is a tribute to my culinary journey, and has been inspired by what I have discovered about food along the way. It is a testament to what I have practiced as a chef, motivated by different cuisines, techniques, kitchens and people. With so much information, it was a real challenge to decide which recipes should be included in the cookbook. Some of the recipes that have made it into the book are actually bestsellers at restaurants that I have consulted for. The photography for the book was done at three locations - Raipur, Bhubaneshwar and Mumbai when my team and I were opening restaurants at these locations. It took me a year to conceptualize, compile and finally, publish the book. Each detail has been meticulously furnished so that the uniqueness of the recipes is reflected.”

<em>Chenna poda lassi</em>
Chenna poda lassi

Commenting on how to make the best use of the cookbook, Chef Puri explained, “All the recipes are categorised under course-wise headers. I would also encourage the readers to only use these recipes as guidelines, and recreate the dish to suit their mood or need.”

The cookbook touches upon various traditional dishes, from dal to tacos and finds ways to recreate such comfort foods in a modern and contemporary way. 

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