Afterlife by sustainable brand Arture helps to get your wallet recycled and get a good deed discount 

Give your old wallet a new lease of life, via a simple email to schedule a pick-up
Afterlife by sustainable brand Arture helps to get your wallet recycled and get a good deed discount 

New year, new stuff? Sustainable vegan fashion brand Arture that makes wallets and, wristlets and travel pouches from 100 per cent cork is stepping up their eco-friendly game in 2020 with a recycling initiative. Hoping to make processes more 'circular' by empowering consumers to cut down on their wastage with their new recycling initiative, Afterlife, that kicked off earlier this month - the brands's dynamic young founder Shivani Patel tells us more:

Tell us about how it works?
Once someone has bought from Arture, they will always have the option of returning their product back to us - whether it is old, worn out, or they are simply bored of it. They will need to get in touch with us via email to schedule a return. Once they send it back, they get 20% off their next order.

What is the process in-house? 
Once we receive the wallets, we break them down into their core components. This includes the cork, linings, reinforcements, zippers, magnets and so on, We sort these components and then use them in the development of a new collection - Afterlife by Arture. 

Can one request an existing piece to be transformed to something new?
No, we may not be able to use all the components from just one single product to make something new. It would be a mix of components from various products.

When did this campaign start and what has the feedback been like?
We launched it on  January 18, 2020, and have just started accepting returns of old products. We have meanwhile done some product development and explored ideas of what kinds of products we can make - keychains, pouches, handbag charms, earphone clips, etc.

What is next for Arture? 
Afterlife was a huge step forward in our sustainability goals, but we've only just begun the process. We'll be collecting products for the next few months, and in six months time we aim to launch the collection on our website. 

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