Pet special: Sanchu Animal Hospital in Adyar has plans for AI-based diagnostic tools and treatment

And it is open around the clock
Pet special: Sanchu Animal Hospital in Adyar has plans for AI-based diagnostic tools and treatment

Right from a young age, CK Ranganathan has had a passion for animals. In fact by the time he was in the fifth grade he was taking care of more than 500 pigeons, in his hometown Cuddalore. He also had a collection of coloured fishes, Guinea fowls, Guinea pigs, exotic variety of hens and love birds.

Today, the founder Chairman of CavinKare feels that it is time to get back to his original passion. “This project is close to my heart. And thanks to my years of personal interest and involvement in the upkeep of my own pets, I feel we can offer valuable knowledge and data in the field of medicine and nutrition,” says Ranganathan about the 7,200 sq ft veterinary hospital in Adyar that has been named after his son’s Cocker Spaniel, Sanchu and has been open to the public for the past 70 days.

<em>CK Ranganathan</em>
CK Ranganathan

“Starting a veterinary hospital was always my dream — however, I had to wait for the right moment, right location.” Besides a farm of 150 cows in Cuddalore, Ranganathan has a personal menagerie of ponies, aquariums and nearly 2,000 birds including ostriches here. The Chairman and Managing Director of Sanchu Animal Hospital tells us how he was always looking for veterinarians who were willing to research and learn the diagnostic needs of his pets. A professional bird breeder and a chemistry graduate, soon the lab at his farm had state-of-the-art equipment worth three crore, which is now available at the hospital.

Ranganathan further tells us how science and research has been an integral part of his business too. Products like shampoo which are part of his CavinKare brand, go through stringent laboratory tests and analysis before being put in the market.


• State-of-the-art lab equipment with diagonostic approach.

•  Technology with futuristic plans including using AI-based diagnostic tools and treatment. 

• Create a professional 
management system.

•  Research-oriented.

• Affordable pet care with subsidised treatment for streeties and rescued animals. (In fact, once they break even, 15 per cent of the profits will be dedicated to charity cases).

“We have 120 scientists working in our labs,” shares Ranganathan, illustrating how the base for scientific research was already available. Furthermore, a team of 40 are working on creating the AI software in their digital division. Ranganathan adds that his vision is to create a chain of professionally run hospitals across the country and internationally.

Open 24 hours www.sanchu Details: 94451-60101.

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