Paloma at home edition: A push up challenge, Netflix marathons and Instagram antakshari

How Chennai is staying busy during the COVID-19 lockdown

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  24th March 2020 07:02 PM   |   Published :   |  24th March 2020 07:02 PM

Have you tried the push-up challenge yet?

‘How much Netflix can a person watch?’ seems to be the question on everyone’s lips these days. Well we’re about to find out. Our travels have been restricted to going from the bedroom to the couch, while we finish show after show, and compare notes with our friends in the virtual world. Sunday saw a break in the monotony, with citizens coming together to clap and make some noise for those continuing to work and keep us safe. The best of intentions yes, but one can't help but wonder if many people missed the point, gathering in large groups, instead of sticking to the safety of their respective balconies.

But back to the subject of keeping ourselves entertained, Instagram continues to be in the lead with a multitude of challenges, from the push-up challenge, to the emoji gesture challenge, to even ‘insta Antakshari’. It seems like you can start off a new trend at any given time - just do something marginally challenging, tag 10 friends and set the ball rolling. So many ideas are coming to mind right now! We’re also grateful for people like Ellen Degeneres and Trevor Noah, who continue to entertain us from their living rooms, and give us a glimpse into their everyday lives. Once all this is over it might actually feel strange to go back their more formal ‘show’ settings.

And finally, as we bid a temporary ‘adieu’ to our cooks and house help, our creativity in the kitchen has gone to new heights. I love a recent meme that said ‘half the people are going to come out of this lockdown as gourmet chefs and the other half with drinking problems’. I’ll leave you to ponder over who will end up in which category. On that note, stay safe, and use this time to polish or relearn a long forgotten skill.