The Antler India Residency helps aspiring entrepreneurs find their co-founders and brainstorm to translate an idea into a business deal 

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author_img Anila Kurian Published :  26th May 2022 04:44 PM   |   Published :   |  26th May 2022 04:44 PM

How many times have you wished for the right resources to turn your idea into reality? Which is why global venture capital firm Antler has launched a platform for entrepreneurs to find their co-founders, brainstorm and collaborate with them to translate an idea into a startup. The ‘Antler India Residency’ programme has got responses from Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai.

About the fourth flagship programme, VC and programme director Nandini Vishwanath says, “We spent a lot of time since the beginning of the pandemic to understand and research vendors, their needs and eventually built a platform for them to connect with the necessary partners for their company.” She points out that wealth creation is available now but the market is a tough place. The residency will involve a community of engineers, developers, product managers, fintech experts, sales leaders and operation specialists, who will be part of the 12-week activity programme.

“It’s very important for entrepreneurs to collaborate both within and outside the work environment. They need to understand working styles, personal value systems and the mindset of who they will be working with. Different phases of the programme will help establish that and build on their idea,” says Vishwanath. When it comes to starting a company, one of the key elements is risk appetite, Vishwanath says.

“The motivation to know why you want to start a company shouldn’t be to become rich or be attracted to the glamorous life CEOs have been projecting post their success stories. Very few people talk about the many failures they have gone through, the layoffs, not having enough funds, and failed ideas and experiments. While you get to hear them only after they have achieved success, it’s important to know that there have been more failures in the startup world than successes,” she says.

In order to keep one mentally motivated, Vishwanath says it’s important to work with the right people and take care of one’s mental health too. “What works for me is reading fictional books, exercising and knowing when to back away from a situation. There will be many challenges that will be thrown at you but you should know when the right time is and how to approach it,” she says.

Giving another tip to aspiring entrepreneurs, she says it’s necessary to evaluate the situation every step of the way. “As a founder, one skill to develop is to have a micro vision. In time, you should also have a macro vision that no one else in the company will have. Don’t always think short-term to achieve success; think long- term and how to achieve it with short goals,” she says.

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