Shilpa Reddy’s naari shakti movement

Raising Shakthi Foundation aims to empower women and youth for a sustainable future
Shilpa Reddy
Shilpa Reddy

Shilpa Reddy, model, entrepreneur, and embodiment of what a woman can aspire to be, serves as an inspiration to millions. With her innate inclination towards aiding others, she has now initiated a nonprofit organisation named Raising Shakthi Foundation. This foundation aims to empower women and youth for a sustainable future. In a conversation with CE, she sheds light on her vision for this initiative.

Reflecting on the genesis of her organisation, Shilpa explains, “Having been actively involved with various organisations such as Roshini, Aditya Mehta Foundation, Teach for Change Foundation, and Child Safety Club for over a decade, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact such initiatives can have on society. I firmly believe in the untapped potential within every individual to contribute positively through service. This conviction, coupled with my extensive involvement in addressing diverse social causes, propelled me to establish my own organisation. I strongly advocate for the empowerment of women, recognising that their education and skill development can catalyse transformative change not only for themselves but for their communities as well.”

Elaborating on the core objectives of Raising Shakthi Foundation, Shilpa shares, “A significant proportion of women grapple with financial dependence, hindering their aspirations and inhibiting societal progress. By fostering skill development, our foundation aims to cultivate financial independence and, consequently, empower women to realise their ambitions. Our mission is aptly encapsulated in the name ‘Raising Shakthi,’ symbolising the elevation of feminine energy for the collective benefit of society. Through our skill development centre, we offer tailored courses designed to facilitate immediate placement opportunities, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of participants.”

Discussing the array of courses available, Shilpa states, “Our curriculum encompasses diverse domains such as tailoring, beautician skills, and ITrelated soft skills. These courses not only equip individuals for employment in manufacturing units but also nurture entrepreneurial aspirations. Proficiency in IT skills opens doors to lucrative opportunities in inventory management and data entry, significantly augmenting earning potential. By bridging the gap between skill acquisition and employment, we aim to uplift women economically and instill a sense of self-reliance.”

Detailing the accessibility of the programme, Shilpa highlights, “Currently operational in Gajularamaram, our initiative targets women predominantly aged between 18 to 40, including widows, single mothers, and school graduates. Through meticulous screening processes, we identify individuals committed to personal growth and socioeconomic advancement. Our centre accommodates childcare facilities, ensuring seamless participation for mothers. With sessions spanning three hours daily, we facilitate learning while addressing familial responsibilities. Upon completion, participants receive certifications, paving the way for meaningful employment opportunities. As we expand our reach, we remain committed to empowering disadvantaged youth facing dire circumstances.”

According to her, prioritising one’s health is paramount, as it forms the foundation for personal and collective well-being. “Dispelling self-doubt and embracing courage, women can operate from a space of empowerment, enriching the lives of those around them. Let us shatter the notion of guilt associated with self-care, recognising it as a prerequisite for effective altruism. By nurturing our mental and physical well-being, we fortify ourselves to effect positive change in society,” she concludes.

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