The dream ride: Kanyakumari-Ladakh, 37 days, 16 places and 11,000 Km – on a bike

Cinematographer Sachin S Shetty goes on a solo trip called the 'Lights Camera Ladakh' across India on his Royal Enfield Himalayan Bike. 
The dream ride: Kanyakumari-Ladakh, 37 days, 16 places and 11,000 Km – on a bike

Lately, there has been a lot of following on social media for this solo bike trip across India-‘Lights Camera Ladakh’. The man behind this concept, Sachin S Shetty, is a Mangalore-based cinematographer. He started his journey across India on May 28 on his Royal Enfield Himalayan bike. The sole purpose of the trip is to document the life, culture and traditions of people in different parts of the country. “I’ve been planning this trip for the past six years, but couldn’t pursue it due to other commitments and lack of funds. But trust me, I believe that long trips like these are more favourable for youngsters. As you grow old, you always keep waiting for the right time, which never comes,” says the 26-year-old owner of Shutterbox Films.  Sachin is also a member of biking clubs like the Mangalore Jawa Yezdi team and Team Coastal Super Bikers. He has been a part of the Limca Book of Records for his previous bike rides in 2015. “Biking helps you meet people and share each other’s experience. If not for this, my trip wouldn’t have been successful. A lot of my friends helped me with camera and equipment to shoot my documentary,” he adds.

Riding comes along with its own adventures and hurdles. Many choose these long trips for an adrenaline rush. “Ladakh is the most preferred destination amongst youngsters because it is very challenging and the path is hazardous. You need fitness and stamina to carry yourself forward at such high altitudes. I have been practising yoga and taking oxygen tablets for my breathing,” he says. He shares some of his survival strategies with us.“I saw a sand storm for the first time in my life in Rajasthan. Of course, I was not very prepared for it. I fell down from my bike and had to wait for it to settle in. Thankfully, there were some people to help me lift my bike and put me back on track. On the extreme ends, the hilly parts had a turbulent path and the snow made the ride difficult. Full protective gears are a must. I got to experience the severity of nature simultaneously,” he shares.

“My mother was actually scared about such a long bike trip, but there was never a point when I felt unsafe during my travel and the richness of humanity is truly a blessing. I got to eat some of the best foods served with affection. My favourite among them would be momos from a place near Manali,”says Sachin, whose travel pictures on the Facebook page ‘Shutterbox the cinematic videographers’ has got him 3,348 followers and his Instagram account shutterboxfilms_official  has 2,236 followers. He will also be releasing about 16 episodes of his travel with each dedicated to one place on his YouTube channel Shutterbox Films.“When I reached my destination Kanyakumari, a lot of people came towards me, congratulated and wished me. They wanted to see my face and take selfies with me,” he says surprised. 

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