Plan an unforgettable Father’s Day with these online experiences 

Whether you are both in the same house or city or separated by miles, these Airbnb Online Experiences will be a unique and memorable gift that will allow you to bond together 

Without capes and often without acknowledgement, fathers are the superheroes we have grown up admiring and loving. Whether it is parting with their last slice of pizza for their little ones, or planning their kids’ dream vacation, fathers always put their children and families before them. Father’s Day brings the perfect opportunity to take a pause and celebrate them and all that they do for us. 

So, this Father’s Day, make sure to appreciate them, spend quality time with them and make a new memory together. Whether you are both in the same house or city, or separated by miles, these Airbnb Online Experiences will be a unique and memorable gift that will allow you to bond together. 

Leopard spotting from your living room

Embark on a virtual safari for a lesson on leopards, jaguars and other cats, without stepping out of your home. Transport dad and yourself to the Yala and Wilpattu national parks of Sri Lanka, accompanied by safari guide.  This Online Experience will let you step into the secretive lives of the elusive leopards which roam these National Parks. Dhanula will bring alive electrifying leopard stories and even help you master the art of identifying individual leopards. 

Duration: 1.25 hours, Rs 702 per person

Grab your apron and chopsticks – its dumpling time! 

 A special occasion calls for a special meal. Join a hands-on Online Experience and to learn how to make Chinese dumplings that will not just be delicious to eat but also perfect to pose with for the customary Father’s Day post on the gram! #Fathersday #QuarantineCooking
This experience is hosted by Elaine, who is the founder of Dash of Soy, a local culinary school in Seattle that focuses on sharing the love healthy home cooking inspired by her family and her travels.

Duration: 2 hours, Rs 2,730 per person

Play Detective with your Dad

You, your dad and your team of detectives will need to solve the case together to escape from this mystery room. With an intriguing plotline and lots of riddles and clues, this digital mystery room is a fun-filled way to spend time together this weekend. So, involve your entire family, and put on your thinking caps! 

Duration: 1.5 hours, Rs 1,388 per person

Raise A Toast to your Father

Learn to shake up some sensational drinks for your father to celebrate his day. Turn some simple ingredients into some truly tasty drinks to enjoy a relaxing weekend with your dad. This is the most unique, interactive gin tasting you'll ever go on, where you'll make (and drink) some great cocktails and learn the tipsy history of gin—the perfect way to enjoy a great evening and a great way to celebrate Father’s Day!

Duration: 1.5 hours, Rs 1,664 per person 

Choose Health and Fitness for the family 

Father’s often end up ignoring their own health. This Father’s Day, encourage your dad to put himself first. Here’s a healthy way to spend time together as a family, designed to coach you to embody and model behaviour, while engaging in physical and mental practices that help improve executive functions in the brain. All while having a meaningful bonding time together as a family! 

Duration: 1 hour, Rs 2,184 per person

Beyond Father’s Day, Online Experience offers fresh ways to connect and play through shared activities that are great for families. With school out and many vacations postponed, guests can choose from a variety of virtual options to create lasting memories this summer, including a Cultural Journey Through London Chinatown, Inclusive Family Dancing Freedom, Family Art Adventure with a Penguin Pro and more.

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