How about a pooch picnic on ECR in Chennai, today?

A doggie’s day out might be the perfect weekend plan for you if you have dogs, love dogs or generally think dog’s make the best company, ever
What’s better than a picnic with your pets?
What’s better than a picnic with your pets?

This weekend head to Chennai’s first ever gourmet picnic with your dogs courtesy Fipola at Harley & Me down ECR. The three-course meal planned for your pooches has been specially curated by chef Sneha (from the property) and Fipola — The Meat Superstore. Look forward to appetizers like prawn skewers and chicken cutlets for the doggies, main course dishes like cheese crusted baked chicken breast with rice and steamed veggies, chicken pumpkin meatloaf or grilled fish with roasted carrot and sweet potato for you and desserts like mango coconut milk ice cream (for humans) and doggy cupcakes (for your pooches). June 25. 5.30 pm onwards. At Harley & Me, ECR. If that’s not what you’re looking for, however, you could also head further down ECR to Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram in Mahabalipuram, where pets are welcomed or to Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay, just outside Puducherry, where they’ll also further indulge your pets with treats as you take a much-deserved weekend break.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your pooches packed into your car and head down ECR for a weekend filled with happy boops, excited woof-woofs and loads of doggo kissies, that’s sure to make anyone’s day!

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