Lead, kindly light: These simple hacks around light will 10x the positive vibes in your home

Lighting makes for an effortless feng shui cure at home, as soft yellows create positive energy within a living space
Lights of varied sizes & colours denote different moods
Lights of varied sizes & colours denote different moods

Feng shui the art of designing your space to promote success in life, health, wealth, happiness and harmony gets complex when you analyse your building. We need to look into the 'cause and effect’ prior to changing the orientations, layouts, colours or go about making feng shui changes. 

Feng shui, in its simplest form is the practice of placing or arranging objects within a space so that they are pleasing to you and naturally support you within the context of that space. While architecture and interior design concern themselves with structure, function and visual appeal, feng shui takes into consideration the conscious and unconscious associations you may have with the space and the objects and their placements within it.

What we see affects us either positively or negatively, and at times we may not even be aware of the effect subconsciously. What we see or what we are surrounded by generates that kind of energy and influences us. A good view, clean air, colours which are bright and interesting, pleasant décor, warm lighting are all said to create a positive feel and usher in happiness. 

The converse of the above situation would be a smelly home, dark, cluttered, improper lighting, which would bring in a sense of resentment, dejection and negativity in the minds of its occupants.

While feng shui design and décor play a vital role in enhancing the feel and energy of a place, proper use of lighting cannot only bring in positivity but also activate the luck of specific sectors in your home.
Lighting is an effortless feng shui cure for the home. Lamps, scones, and chandeliers are simple home decorating items for the home. Bring yin or yang lighting into your home to activate or deactivate the energy of a specific life area.

Most often, you will find homes having dark corners, low light living rooms or rooms having columns or even irregular shaped or ‘L’ shaped areas which block the natural light, or the internal lighting would be insufficient. Such dark corners or irregular areas are generally corrected using spot lighting and healthy green plants, but it would never replace a good window, which has a pleasant view.

Lights in feng shui can be used effectively to overcome many afflictions and defects in a building and create the feel-good factor.

Soft lighting create positive energy, and you could have more than one such light in a room to generate this feel. Paper and cloth lampshades make the light appear softer and create a quiet atmosphere.
Use lighting to brighten up dark corners and beams so that the effect of negative energy is reduced. 
Lights of varied sizes and colours denote different moods. Pinks have a calming effect, purple to activate passion, yellow generates a feel of warmth and would be ideal for the living space as yellow gives the 
feeling of a relaxed atmosphere.

Placing a red coloured crystal chandelier at the beginning or end of the room will increase the flow 
of energy.

Suspending faceted crystals or having stained glass panes brings excellent energy into a dark room and transforms it. 

Use of intelligent lighting can most certainly dispel darkness from the various aspects of your life.

(The writer is an accredited Master Feng Shui Consultant, Bio-energetician and Traditional 
Vaastu Practitioner)

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