These Feng shui decor remedies help counter sickness and empower your space

The decor of a home has a strong influence on the emotions of its habits
These Feng shui decor remedies help counter sickness and empower your space

The wellness of human beings is strongly influenced by the energy of the environment and the personal aura of the individual. Feeling good, healthy and happy is not just a frame of mind, but a physical state too.  Clutter, unhygienic environment and pollution cause sickness. 

The energy in our bodies, the energy of our minds and the energy of our surroundings have a deep and profound impact on our lives. Accumulating clutter and waste, ignoring your bed orientation and directions, unknowingly introducing artifacts, plants and décor which are negative feng shui, disturbing the energy of the premises.

The year 2020 is known as the Year of the Metal Rat. Zodiac Rat in feng shui represents the water element. It also indicates a year which appears gloomy with plenty of rain, cloudy weather and unpredictability. The feng shui astrology for the year 2020 indicates a year which has a strong influence on the health and it also reveals that the Year of the Metal Rat could cause ailments pertaining to lungs as the metal element represents the Organ Lung. The combination of water and metal postulates sickness due to lungs, breathing and viral infections. The first three months of the Chinese Lunar New year is quite significant especially the period March 5 to April 5, 2020  which would show a wide spread of infection and later decrease. It  could surface again during the last quarter of the year. 

Some of the essential remedies for the year 2020 to prevent ailments are as follows especially 
for the month of March 2020:
● Suspend a six metal rod wind chime in the South sector of your living and bedroom.
● If your bedroom is in the South sector of the home, try to relocate for a short period to another room.
● Suspend a metal wind chime or six Chinese coins with red tassels in the East of the bedroom and living area.
● Additionally, in the South sector of your home, place a large glass filled with rock salt up to 3/4th of the glass, place six metal coins on top of the salt and fill the glass with water. Place this in a glass bowl and you will find the salts frothing in a few days and crystallising. This salt cure is a potent remedy to arrest sickness. Do not touch the set up, however if the frothing is in excess you may throw away the same after April 6, 2020.
●  Place crystal salts on the windows in a bowl especially in the South and East and change the salt periodically.
● The décor of a home can have a very strong influence on the emotions of its inhabitants. So decorate with light, sunny colours such as yellows and oranges. Add as much cheering sunlight as possible by using sheer window treatments (or none at all), and hanging mirrors on the walls to reflect the light from nearby
windows. Try these simple remedies to counter sickness, improve wellbeing and to tide through these difficult times.

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