Unhappy and depressed in your relationship? Here's a workshop that will help you cope with it

Relationship Management Trainer Vikram Khanna conducts a day long workshop to help build and maintain relationships

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Relationships are complex and difficult to understand. Whether it is a parental, sibling, love or work relationship, each one of these comes with its own set of challenges. To help people understand how to deal with these Relationship Management Trainer, Vikram Khanna is conducting a workshop titled Relationships Redefined this weekend in Bengaluru. In a quick chat, the trainer talks about what to expect.

What is the session focusing on - relationships with family, parents, spouses, friends or at workplace?Relationships in today's world are all pervasive and connected to the person through all the above, so this session attempts to do justice to the individual irrespective of the type of relationship.

Why are relationships suffering today?
We are in the phase of instant gratification, so there is no investment being made in nurturing the relationship for it to bear the desired fruits. Expectations are not being met therefore relationships are suffering.

Which relationships are getting impacted the most and why?
It's tough to point out a single relationship which gets impacted, but personally I think couples who aren't able to give time in the relationship are getting impacted. 

How does one protect his/her relationship (whichever it is) from the society's stress and pressure of living up?
When we do not like to do something that causes stress. Stress in relationships is caused when there is a mismatch of expectations between the people involved and a few ways of keeping it minimal is that we have to be open. There needs to be periodic communication about the expectations.

What is the solution to keep up a relationship going?
Expectation management, respect and trust. 

Entry Rs 100. 10.30 am, May 18, 2019. At Atta Galatta, Koramangala