The dos and don'ts of online dating in India. Survey reveals what works and what doesn't

This survey by QuackQuack reveals what Indian millennials prefer when it comes to dating apps   

author_img Ana M Published :  11th September 2020 02:59 PM   |   Published :   |  11th September 2020 02:59 PM

Online dating

'Dating from home' is the new normal for millenials. Due to the pandemic, more and more people are turning towards online dating to find that someone special, since going out is not a safe option. QuackQuack, an Indian dating app, conducted a survey recently among millennials to find out the current trends. The survey, that was conducted in major metro cities, reveals what people are looking for on dating apps:

Age is just a number!
We’ve heard this enough that 'age is just a number' and hence when we asked the millennials if they would be okay to date someone older/younger. 81% of men gave a nod to dating someone older than them. Whereas 50% of women said they don’t mind being in a relationship with someone younger, the remaining 50% would never date someone who is not mature at their level.  

Incomplete profile, a major turnoff for millennials
Looks like, for a majority of millennials, a profile without a photo is a major turnoff. Well, people still believe in the fact that, 'First impression is the last impression'. So, yes, for 45% of men, a profile without a photo is a ‘big no’, while 27% of women dislike a profile if the common interests don’t match. On the other hand, 13% of men would dislike a user profile for bad looks and 13% of women would show no interest if the bio/about section of the guy is incomplete. While a major turnoff for both the genders is a profile without a photo, women still give higher preference to common interests, than men.

Men don’t mind making the first move, ladies do
Even though there’s a famous saying ‘Ladies First’, when it comes to making the first move, obviously our men take the first seat. Yes, according to the survey by QuackQuack, 88% men don’t mind making the first move, while 77% of women expect the guy to text them first. But surprisingly, there are still 12% women who don’t mind making the first move and breaking the ice. Well, these women fall in the ‘Ladies First’ category for sure.

Men are okay if their date tags along a friend, while women are not
Men will be men! This phrase was proven when 56% of men said that they are okay if their date comes along with a friend. While 77% women on the other hand are pretty clear about not being okay if their date is accompanied by a friend. Rather, they will prefer a private affair. Well, that sounds cool. A date should be a date and not a ‘we meet’.