also follow 14-16 hours of fasting to reduce weight

Fasting done inappropriately can lead to loss in muscle mass, decreased basal metabolic rate, and acidosis

It is advisable to keep your health care professional in the loop and start with 8-10 hours of fasting and then build on this later

Good nutrition has a huge impact on health

National Nutrition week: Here are some essential steps to follow to keep your mind and body healthy

To keep your mind and body healthy, it is necessary to have basic nutrition like salt, vitamins and proteins in your daily diet

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Peanuts are the most accessible nuts

Nuts can be a good and yummy snack for you or your young ones

Nuts have healthy fats which are essential for your cells, organs, skin, immune system and also aid in weight loss etc

Keep your mind healthy

Are you stressed? Here are a few ways to ensure a stress-free life

We have to take equal care of our mental health because there will be no communication in our body without the brain.

Garam Masalas improve the immune system

Do you know some simple everyday spice mixes can have many health benefits?

Our ancestors ate these spices everyday in their meals to keep themselves healthy