Devi Awards, now in Kolkata

Indulge, The Morning Standard organises Devi Awards for the first time in Kolkata, honouring women from various walks of life
Devi Awards, now in Kolkata

OURS IS A nation that worships feminine deities, yet, every other day we hear of violence against this gender. We educate our daughters, only to limit them to domesticity. We watch them climb the ladder, then pull it out from under their feet. Our sisters are told they’re free to be modern, but we chain them with tradition. Regardless, Indian women always overcome obstacles—to survive, strive and thrive. These goddesses are truly Devis.

With Kolkata on the cusp of celebrating Puja, to revere goddess Durga, there’s no better time than now for Indulge, The Morning Standard to hail the living goddesses of our city. Just before the onset of the autumn festivities, The New Indian Express Group is bringing the Devi Awards here to honour real-life Devis of Kolkata and the East — women, who have fought against all odds, and carved a niche for themselves, with hard work, perseverance and sheer merit. 

Since its inception, The New Indian Express Group has always believed in the innate strength of women and has appreciated their contribution towards building a strong nation. The Devi Awards is one such marquee event of the group to recognise and honour the relentless efforts towards greatness by women achievers from all walks of life. It is a mark of respect to the strength, resolve, dynamism, determination and innovation that these brave women have displayed through their work, making a very positive impact in our society. Since 2014, 16 chapters of the Devi Awards have been organised in cities including Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi etc, and this time around, it’s time to pay tribute to the women of substance from Kolkata and the East for making a distinct mark in their sphere of work.  

The recipients of the Devi Awards will include icons from the fields of social work, fashion, food, sports, business, art and culture. They are those who have pursued their dreams and chased their passion despite all odds. They are strong personalities and have balanced their work and personal lives. They are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and everything that you can conceive of and yet they are unique in their identities. It’s this vitality and spirit that is being honoured through the Devi Awards with the hope that they are recognised and encouraged to keep the fire burning.

While the Devi Awards in Kolkata is being presented by ASSOCHAM India, the awards themselves will be handed over by another embodiment of feminine strength, Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Minister of Textiles and Women & Child Development. The aforementioned MP from Amethi will also be speaking on the occasion. The ceremony will be centred on a discussion about women leaders and what can be done to raise their numbers. The dais will also find several Kolkata luminaries namely, CEO and Joint MD of Welspun, Dipali Goenka; life coach and transformation mentor Diya Jaiswal; organic farmer and entrepreneur Ekta Jaju and Byloom’s Malavika Banerjee.  This is our ode to woman-power and Devis all around us!

The Devi Awards will be held at ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata on August 31. 6 pm onwards. 
By invitation only. 

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