Special: City photographer Pritam Dey captures the best of four Kolkata models

Photographer Pritam Dey plays up the best profiles of four up-and-coming models from the city

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  21st February 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st February 2020 12:00 AM

Photographer Pritam Dey

Not all middle-class parents are comfortable with the idea of their children taking up photography as a profession. Pritam Dey’s parents are no exception. When Pritam went ahead with his first pre-wedding shoot assignment in 2011, his parents had reservations about his work. But in the nine years since then, he has won them over with his grit, determination and passion for his profession.

He was all of 16-years-old when he first developed an interest in photography. “My father cultivated photography as a hobby, and I grew up seeing pictures clicked in an analogue camera. It was my dad who gave me my first cyber shot camera, knowing little that I would take it up as a profession,” recalls Pritam.

The photographer, now 28, bought his first DSLR when he was in college, studying geography. “I started clicking portraits, landscapes and street shots with it,” shares the self-taught lensman. “I have never been to any institute to learn photography, and I will never enrol for any course, as I believe in clicking, analysing and learning from my own mistakes,” adds the determined Dey, who aspires to reach the stars as a fashion photographer. The MBA student, who also does wedding and product photography besides clicking portraits, feels that apart from light and shadow, the correct composition and frame play a vital role in photography. “In any story-based shoot, I work on the model’s expressions. Product shoots always call for more attention to the products, while during wedding shoots, I always try to bring out the innocence in candid shots.”

The pictures he submitted for this column feature four beautiful models, among whom Shruti is someone he worked with during his initial years. “She is a fantastic dancer and her expressions are very good. Nayanika is my all-time favourite model, and her eyes are very expressive, but she needs to work more on her fashion sense. Husne, being a theatre artiste, always gets her expressions right, while Sneha needs to work a bit more on her posture,” suggests Pritam.

Contact Pritam at 98324-44401 or deypritam45@gmail.com; Insta: @pritamdey07

Shruti Das

Shruti Das | 23, height: 5 ft 3 inches

After modelling for a few years, Shruti has shot to fame and almost become a household name due to the mega TV series, Trinayani, in which she plays the titular role. The dusky beauty is almost always in her jeans and tees when she’s not working. “I love slim fit jeans in pure ice blue denim colour. My favourite colours include black and blue, especially navy blue. But if I am in a mood to play with colours, then I experiment with bottle green and maroon, among other dark shades,” says the model with a pretty girl-next-door charm, who also happens to be a trained classical dancer.

Shruti Das

When it comes to ethnic wear, saris are her only choice of attire. “I love wearing dhakai jamdanis, linens, chiffons and handloom saris and I love to jazz up the look with oxidised jewellery in matte finish. Since I have long cascading hair, I usually avoid wearing earrings, and settle for a nice chunky choker. I always prefer the natural look, hence, it’s always eyeliner and mascara for me,” says Shruti, adding that she loves to sing during her time off.

Instagram handle: @shruti_trinayani

Nayanika Sarkar

Nayanika Sarkar | 25, height: 5 ft 5 inches

An aspiring full-time model, Nayanika, who just completed her Masters in Bengali, loves to wear jeans and t-shirts on any given day. “Be it a normal straight fit or ripped ones, I love my denim with tops and shirts on a usual day,” says the spunky girl. But if it’s a traditional occasion or the pujas, she loves to go ethnic all the way with a sari. She mostly loves chiffons and georgettes besides handlooms. “Black, white and pink are my favourite colours, and I love to pair my handloom saris with strappy or halter-neck blouses, but traditional silks always call for full-sleeve blouses,” she tells us.

Nayanika Sarkar

Bangles and earrings are her favourite adornments, and she is crazy about shoes. “I love them in all shapes and sizes, and I hoard them in dozens,” she adds. Make-up means a natural light look for her, with just a hint of kajal and base, besides a thick coat of mascara, shares Nayanika. She also loves to paint and sing, when she’s on her own.

Instagram handle: @nayna_srkr

Husne Shabnam

Husne Shabnam | 25, height: 5 ft 2 inches

After completing her studies, all that Husne Shabnam aspired for is to be a model and an actor. “I am trying my hands in acting, and doing a few web series,” gushes the hardworking artiste. Left to herself, Husne loves donning the Indo-Western and boho-chic look with a casual jeans-tee combination being her most favourite. “I love the casually chic look, and I also go for cool palazzos and tops,” she tells us. When it comes to ethnic wear, it’s dhakai, tant or handloom saris for her. “I love the crisp fresh look of handwoven yarns, and the Bengal batik saris from Santiniketan are my favourites. I love wearing dresses with ethnic motifs too. White, black and grey colours besides the bright shades of yellow and olive green are my favourite hues,” shares Husne.

Husne Shabnam

She loves to complement her ethnic looks with silver and oxidised jewellery, especially a good neckpiece with some colourful glass bangles or antique jewellery. “My look is never complete without the mandatory big, black bindi,” she adds. When it comes to shoes, she loves them in heels, flats and boots. “I am not much of a make-up person, and I prefer the nude look with thick-kohl eyes and light shades of nude lip colours,” shares Husne. She’s also a trained classical singer, and loves painting and cooking during her time off.

Instagram handle: @husne_shabnam

Sneha Dhar

Sneha Dhar | 24, height: 5 ft 6 inches

A full-time aspiring model, this chemistry graduate lives in denim and t-shirts. “Cotton is my all-time favourite fabric, and I just love all things white. The other colours I love wearing include light shades of baby pink, lemon yellow, red and bright yellow,” says Sneha. This pretty young thing loves to go traditional all the way when it comes to festive occasions with saris being her eternal choice of attire.

Sneha Dhar

“I love flaunting timeless chiffons in solid colours with sleeveless, deep-back blouses. On other occasions, especially during colder months, I also prefer wearing lightweight silk saris with heavily embellished blouses,” she tells us. She likes the boho look and opts for silver junk or kundan jewellery rather than typical junk stuff. “I prefer earrings a lot. I am not a make-up buff, but at times, if it’s heavy wear, then I go for a simple nude look with kajal, lipstick and highlighter,” says the movie freak. Sneha also loves to dance and paint in her leisure time.

Instagram handle: @sneha_dhar