These Delhi-NCR home bakers are spreading the holiday cheer

These Delhi-NCR home bakers are offering traditional plum cakes to spread the holiday cheer with you and your loved ones

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Soaked in rum or brandy, and enriched with an assortment of dried fruits, the plum cake is an integral part of Christmas.

Prepared about three months prior, these classic cakes that are rich in flavour, complete Christmas celebrations with friends and family.


However, nowadays, many do not have the time (or patience) to go through this lengthy process. Thankfully, a few home bakers in Delhi-NCR are keeping this tradition alive, and are baking cakes that are both boozy or sans alcohol. 

Spreading the cheer

“I have always seen my mother bake traditional rum fruit cakes for Christmas every year,” shares Annie Napoleon from Vasant Kunj.

This year, Annie’s mother is baking the ‘Old-Fashioned Rum Fruit Cake’, available on Annie’s Instagram page, The Dandelion Head. The cake has double the amount of fruits and dried fruits in volume than the flour, and takes about 42 days to make.

A part of the Anglo-Indian community, their motive was to share this spirit of Christmas with everyone around them. “Everyone who has ordered from us had a story of their own to share about their relationship with the rum fruit cake,” says Annie. 

Where: The Dandelion Head on Instagram

Price: Rs 1,545 for 700g

Artisal yet traditional

All Things Sweet by Sarika Mallik was launched in 2016. A ceramic artist by profession, the Vasant Kunj resident clubbed her two passions—art and baking- with this venture.

For Christmas, Mallik’s plum cake is laden with around 18 types of fruits and dried fruits—such as black currants, oranges, cranberries, cashews, and almonds etc. These are either soaked in rum or orange juice, depending on the customer’s preference.

“Baking or no baking, I think the spirit of Christmas is something that all of us love. The aroma of cinnamon that engulfs the house during this time of the year is something I like,” shares Mallik. 

Where: All Things Sweet on Instagram

Price: Rs 900 for 500g; Rs 1,500 for 1kg

Light, fluffy, festive

Home baker Mehak Prakash from South Extension founded Chocestra around eight years ago. Prakash, who has been baking from a young age, eventually turned her passion into a profession.

For the holiday season, Prakash’s Christmas menu features cookies, cakes, Florentines, rum and raisin truffles, and Baileys tiramisu, among others.

The Christmas cake at Chocestra is available as a traditional fruit cake loaf. “There are specific spices and smells attached only to Christmas. The entire process of soaking fruits and baking is a ritual for me. I need to do it every year,” shares Prakash.

The fruits, dried fruits, and spices she uses are pre-soaked in rum. Prakash’s Japanese style cotton cheesecake stands out as their most-ordered dish. 

Where: Chocestra on Instagram

Price: Rs 1,650 per kg 

Namrata Srivastava offers a range of desserts for anyone who enjoys the occasional treat. The Undercover Baker—Srivastava’s baking venture which she founded after quitting her corporate job in 2016—operates out of her home kitchen in South City I, Gurugram.

This year for Christmas, she has been offering a Christmas cake, with fruits soaked in rum since October. After the baking process, the cake is soaked in rum a second time, till it is ready to be sent to the customer. For those looking for non-boozy cakes, Srivastava has one with the ingredients soaked in orange juice.

Where: The Undercover Baker on Instagram

Price: Rs 500 for 300g; Rs 850 for 500g 

Health meets taste

“My father used to bake cakes occasionally. What I loved about them was that he was able to bring out the authentic taste [of the cakes],” shares Khusboo Chaudhury from Sector 14, Gurugram. Khusboo, with her father Arun Chaudhury, founded Mr Moustache’s Cakes in 2019.

For Christmas, they are baking plum cakes, rum balls, and marshmallow cookies. “We offer gluten-free and sugar-free alternatives as well,” mentions Khusboo. 


Price: Rs 400 for 250g; Rs 700 for 500g; Rs 1,100 for 1kg