Special: Photographer Abir Roy trains his lenses on four Kolkata models

author_img Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  26th February 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th February 2021 12:00 AM

Abir Roy

A creative visualiser in the IT sector, Abir Roy turned his hobby into a profession, when he took up photography as a career. “While I was in the IT sector, I took up photography as a hobby and started exploring it in depth. And, when people started appreciating me for my skills, I became invested in it and took it up as my profession,” says Abir, who now works as a fashion photographer, fine art photographer and as photography workshop mentor.

Abir had a keen interest in art since his childhood and used to draw. Thankfully, unlike many others, his family was always supportive of anything he did. “But sometimes money matters. The time when I took the decision to leave my job, my dad questioned me if I would be able to overcome the financial hardships during the initial stage. When you start something, money won’t come. And there is also a risk factor. You might be successful or not. I decided to take the risk. I don’t know how successful I am currently, but I have a huge list of companies, people, fans, friends, followers who love what I do and I’m happy,” says the self-taught shutterbug.

When Abir works, he tries to capture the mood of his subject. “What I capture totally depends upon the genre and theme that I’m working on. It depends upon what my target audience wants to see,” adds the photographer who still uses his first camera, Canon 750D besides a Canon 5D Mark III.

Abir Roy can be reached at 8420806778 or mail. abirroy@gmail.com | Instagram: @1abirroy

Titas Mondal

Titas Mondal | 20, height: 5 ft 7 inches

This young model likes the princess look a lot and tries to stick to dainty knee-length frocks when it comes to daily wear. “Apart from the frocks that are usually in cotton, I love wearing jeans, shorts, turtle neck T-shirts and shirts. I am very skinny, hence I like my clothes loose and comfortable. I love bright colours including rose pink, yellow, white and black,” says Titas, who is a professional ballet dancer.

Traditional wear mostly means salwar kameez for Titas and she loves to glam it up in her own quirky way. “I often wear a kurti over a pair of ripped jeans along with a cropped denim jacket. I also like wearing a sari, mostly a dhakai or a linen in monochromes and prints paired with backless blouses,” says Titas, who doesn’t like accessories much except oxidised chunky earrings. The model likes minimal makeup with nude brown lips.

Instagram: @iamtitasofficial

Tanisha Singh

Tanisha Singh | 22, height: 5 ft 8 inches

A full-time model and actor, Tanisha loves wearing jeans, crop tops with shrugs, palazzos and short dresses when it comes to regular wear. “Even if it’s casual wear, I like it comfortable and stylish. Hence, I prefer clothes in cotton and my favourite colours include black and white,” says Tanisha. Traditional or formal occasions see her mostly in designer lehengas with short-cropped cholis.

“If it’s a sari, then I prefer light monochrome silks with deep-back, sleeveless blouses. I like wearing chunky earrings with them. I prefer natural make-up with more attention to the eyes,” says the model, who loves to dance and sing during her time-off.

Instagram: @model_tanisha_official​

Joyii Sen

Joyii Sen | 27, height: 5 ft 5 inches

A full-time supermodel, Joyii loves the relaxed look when she is not working. “I like to be comfortable and cool and prefer the denim look with a pair of jeans and tops, T-shirts, crop tops, shirts. A-line knee-length dresses too find favour with me and summers are all about cotton for me,” says Joyii. Pujas or family gatherings always offer an occasion for Joyii to wear saris and she prefers monochrome chiffons with spaghetti tops or blouses.

“I like doing up the look with heavy earrings. Make-up means a cream base, a BB cream, MAC foundation and concealer, liquid eye shadow and double tone mascara. But most of the time, I like a little MAC compact on my face and brighten up the look with coloured contact lenses. They simply lend a beautiful glow to your face,” says Joyii, who loves swimming, driving and socialising.

Instagram: @beingjoyiisenofficial

Rima Dutta

Rima Dutta | 20, height: 5 ft 3 inches

A full-time model, Rima loves western casuals when it comes to daily wear. It’s jeans, tops, one-piece dresses (mostly bodycons) and short skirts in cotton for her. “I love black, white and red and when it comes to family occasions, I like wearing designer lehengas with short-cropped sequinned cholis. I like to accessorise the look with a heavy neckpiece and light earrings or vice versa. Makeup always means a nude look with lipsticks in light shades of brown,” says the pretty young thing who loves hoarding bags and shoes.

Instagram: @myself_rima123