Inspired by Sonu Sood, Hyderabad swimmer who saved people from suicides starts ambulance service

Actor Sonu Sood, who graced the occasion with his presence, launched the ambulance service and appreciated swimmer Shiva 

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Actor Sonu Sood launches ambulance service started by 'Tank Bund Shiva'

Shiva, a resident of Hyderabad who is known for saving people’s lives launched an ambulance service under Sonu Sood’s name on Tuesday. Shiva was inspired by the actor’s goodwill services during the lockdown.

Actor Sonu Sood launched the ambulance service and appreciated Shiva on his decision. "I feel privileged that I came for this ambulance inauguration. All thanks to Shiva. I have heard a lot about him that he has been saving lives and helping people and we need more Shivas (like him) in our society so everyone should come forward and help others," Sonu Sood told reporters. The Hyderabad resident who lives near the Hussainsagar Lake, earned the title ‘Tank Bund Shiva’ when he started rescuing people who tried to commit suicide by drowning.

“People like Shiva, inspire others and they inspire society. It feels happy that this (ambulance service) will also help a lot of needy people and help save many lives,” the actor added. Shiva began rescuing people from drowning following his brother’s death due to drowning in another lake.

According to media reports, the swimmer said he has saved more than 100 people near that lake. Shiva has also been helping police officers retrieve dead bodies from the lake.

Seeing his efforts, people started giving him donations for his deeds. Shiva decided to use that money and buy an ambulance to further help others. A toll-free number will also be operational especially for this.

Inspired by Sonu’s good deeds, especially during the lockdown, he named the ambulance service after the actor. The vehicle also has the actor’s picture pasted on it.

Elaborating on his idea to help out those in need during the lockdown, Sonu said the COVID-19 pandemic has taught people that everyone has to come forward and help others during emergencies.

He had earlier helped migrants reach their hometowns during the lockdown. The actor had also helped students attend NEET exams at centres in other cities.

However, questions were raised over his source of funds to help people. A few also alleged that he had done this with the help of money received from a political party. 

However, the actor refuted these allegations and said, “I could do all this because I was not associated with any political party. Otherwise, I would have had to ask 100 questions before doing a job like this. Since it was my decision to connect with people and help them, I was able to reach out. Whatever I did, was not about caste or religion. I reached out to people across society. I have been connecting with people a lot over the past year.”

He added, “I have been in this industry for 20 years and have done over 100 movies, but to reach out to every single person who loves me has not been possible. I think I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the real-life hero. This is not a film, but surely the almighty is the director.”

"I remember when I started this mission, Chandraprakash Dwivedi, director of my (forthcoming) film Pritviraj, told me people would want to bring me down, given the path I had chosen. The problem with the world is that people cannot see something right happening. When they see that, they question why this is happening, why is someone there to help others? But it fades off because there is no truth or spine to it. It won’t stop me from doing what I am doing. It is a journey which I started with millions. There will be few who will not like it but I hope that one day they also become part of this journey," he told IANS.

He assured that he would support Shiva in all ways possible. “When they told me this, I was speechless. Since I am associated with ILAAJ India Initiative, I know how difficult it is for people to get medical service. I would like it to be a pan-India service.”

Photo credit: IANS