Queeriously Tamil

Queer terms or rather having terms to express queerness in Tamil is important to communicate ones experience to others, in a language they are comfortable with

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Queeriously Tamil

Queeriously Tamil

Queer terms or rather having terms to express queerness in Tamil is important to communicate ones experience to others, in a language they are comfortable with. Tamil as a language updates itself with time. And the Tamil terms used are not always direct translations from English.

The expressions and experiences are already in use by the Tamil speaking community, all we have to do is map them with similar expressions,” shares Gireesh, editor of Paalputhumai.com, a bilingual webzine-resource portal, an offshoot of Queer Chennai Chronicles (QCC).

Moulee C, publisher and cofounder of QCC, emphasises that terms with supremacist ideas should not be brought in while mapping such expressions in the language. "Queer persons come from diverse socio-economic background.

Queer terms or expressions that we use should not alienate or further stigmatise someone or a community. It is important that we are mindful of the fact that supremacist terms are avoided or re-looked at," he offers. To educate and create awareness about commonly used LGBTQIA+ terms in Tamil, provide a starting point for understanding and learning further, the resource portal has curated a list of Queer terms in Tamil.


SOGIESC – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics.

Sexual Orientation: Paal eerppu

Gender Identity: Paalinam, Paalina adaiyalam

Gender Expression: Paalina velippadu

Sex Characteristics: Paal panbu


Pansexual(ity): Anaithupaal- eerppu

Pansexual person: Anaithu-paal-eerppuudaiyavar, Anaithu-paaleerppu- udaiya-nabar

Pansexual woman:Anaithu-paal-eerppuudaiya-pen

Pansexual man: Anaithupaal- eerppu-udaiya-aan


Homosexual(ity): Orupaal- eerppu, Than-paaleerppu

Homosexual person: Orupaal-eerppu-udaiyavar, Oru-paal-eerppu-udaiyanabar

Lesbian: Lesbian, Orupaal-eerppu-udaiya-pen

Gay: Gay, Oru-paaleerppu- udaiya-aan


Bisexual(ity): Iru-paaleerppu

Bisexual person: Iru-paaleerppu-udaiyavar, Irupaal-eerppu-udaiya-nabar

Bisexual woman: Iru-paaleerppu-udaiya-pen

Bisexual man: Iru-paaleerppu-udaiya-aan


Asexual person: Paaleerppu-attravar, A-paaleerppu-udaiyavar, A-paaleerppu-udaiya-nabar,Paal-eerppu-atra-nabar

Agender: Paalili

Agender person: Paalilaar


Queer (person): Paalpudhu, paalpudhumai, Paalpudhumaiyinar, queer, queer nabar

LGBTQIA+ Pride, Queer Pride (Parade): Paalpudhu suyamariyadhai (Perani)


Intersex, Intersex variations: Intersex, panmuga paalpanbu

Intersex person, Person with intersex variations: Panmuga-paalpanbuudaiyavar


Nonbinary: (Paalina) eermaraikku apparpattavar

Gender nonconforming (GNC) person: Paalina adaiyalangal-udan othupogadhavar


Self ID, Self Identification: Suya adaiyalam

Coming out: Velipaduthikkolludhal

Deadname: Vazhangapatta peyar

Preferred name: Viruppa peyar

Gender dysphoria: Paalina adaiyala muranpaadu


Cis, Cisgender: Cis, Aadhikka paalinam

Heterosexual(ity), Straight: Edhir-paaleerppu

Heteronormativity: Edhirpaal- eerppu vazhamai, Adhiga-paal-eerppu vazhamai

Ally: Adharavaalar, Thozhamai

Queer What…?

Queer Coding: Queer kuriyeedu, Paalpudhu kuriyeedu

Queer Baiting: Paalpudhu vettai, Queer vettai

LGBTQIA+ Literature, Queer Literature: Queer ilakkiyam, Paalpudhu ilakkiyam

Queer Theory: Paalpudhu Kotpaadu


Homophobia: Oru-paaleerppu veruppu

Transphobia: Thirunar veruppu

Biphobia: Iru-paal-eerppu veruppu

Intersexphobia: Panmugapaalpanbu veruppu

Queerphobia: Paalpudhu veruppu

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(Note: When referring to individuals, identities and terms should be retained as per their self-dentification.)