FICCI FLO Bengaluru chapter’s new chairperson Jayshree Menon speaks about her plan of action as she takes charge for the year

Menon is now tasked with multiple activities and workshops to keep the FLO members engaged
Jayshree Menon
Jayshree Menon

It was in 2015 that Jayshree Menon joined the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)  Federation of Ladies Organisation (FLO) Bengaluru Chapter, to network with business leaders and gain access to a series of workshops. In the course of seven years, she worked up the ladder, now taking charge as the chairperson of FLO Bengaluru.  

Menon hopes that the road ahead as chairperson is filled with ‘gratification’ and ‘optimism’. With Covid-19 receding, Menon is now tasked with multiple activities and workshops to keep the FLO members engaged. “Things are opening up after two years and it is really exciting for me to set the ball rolling. The optimism remains that we will have more speakers and industry experts from the business and finance field and have physical interactions with members after subdued virtual engagements,” says Menon, adding that the road ahead also comes with a lot of challenges. “The challenge is to get sponsors  for our events because people are now careful about spending after the pandemic. Since travel spaces have also opened, we really have to see if the members can participate actively in workshops,” says Menon, who is also planning to collaborate with special schools and help differently-abled students in sports, fitness and skill set. 

Despite the challenges, Menon has got down to business after assuming responsibility on April 1. Menon’s primary vision is to accelerate financial literacy workshops among women. “We have seen a lot of women entrepreneurs sprout during the pandemic. Now that they are earning, they really need to have a plan on what to do with the money. I want them to learn financial management and see how well they can make financial decisions,” says Menon. Besides, this year will also see different verticals like professional services, marketing, travel and gourmet, art and culture, that aims to help empower women and become more self-reliant. “I know women are capable a lot more than they think they are. These workshops are to enhance their ideas and instill the belief to achieve their goals,” says Menon, who also runs a multimedia solutions company called Print Brew. 

It’s a hectic year ahead but Menon looks forward to what’s in store. “The journey, so far with FLO Bengaluru, has been filled with a lot of takeaways which is something that I hope will continue through the year,” says Menon.

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