Image for representational purpose only. (Photo | Pixabay)
Image for representational purpose only. (Photo | Pixabay)

Let your face be the canvas 

Social media is swarming with trending make-up looks that can provide all the inspiration you need to paint your face. Three make-up artists recommend looks for the coming season.

As we bid goodbye to the humid monsoons, it is the perfect time to reach out for that vanity bag that houses your favourite eye shadow shades, highlighter, lipstick, and more.

Social media is swarming with trending make-up looks that can provide all the inspiration you need to paint your face. However, if you are looking for something that is perfect for the Indian skin type, we have collated a go-to guide with expert suggestions. Three make-up artists and bloggers from Delhi-NCR give you fresh ideas that can nudge you to get creative with your looks this season. Remember, the only make-up rule is that there is none; you are free to experiment with looks that make you feel good about yourself, all while having fun. 

Look pretty in pink

Tired of regular looks? Take a cue from Greater Kailash-based make-up artist Jazz Wahan (@makeupaddict_jazz on Instagram) who wants you to go for a pink monochromatic look—try pinkish-brown smokey eyes along with a semi-matte rose pink nude blush with little highlighter for the face and matte nude lips. “This look never goes out of trend,” comments the 38-year-old. Wahan breaks it down for us: “Apply a BB cream and then a radiant cream concealer under the eyes; then set it with a translucent powder. Pick any neutral pink brown or dusty rose eyeshadow and apply all over the upper and lower lids, a contoured application of any matte blush on your cheeks, a nude pink lip liner to line the lips and fill in with your favourite medium nude rose pink or peach colour. Ensure uniformity in make-up for a more chiselled face.”

Dewy skin for the win

As you make the switch from summer to autumn, Gurugram-based Isha Khanna (@ishakhannamakeup on Instagram) recommends the perfect transition look that steers clear of bright colours. “This quintessential look can never go out of trend,” she says. Khanna suggests that one “focus on creating gleaming eyes that look defined along with a skin that radiates”. Telling us how, the 34-year-old adds, “You will need to prepare the skin really well to achieve such skin and black, bold kajal to enhance the shape of the eyes. For eye shadow, pick neutral colours to blend and a champagne tone to add the sparkle effect. Pair all of this with a glossy mouth. It will add to the dewyness of the look.” 

Make-up that's barely visible 

Taking inspiration from actor Alia Bhatt’s barely-there make-up look, West Delhi-based make-up artist Pinkky Bhatia (@pinkkybhatia9 on Instagram) advises one to opt for the ‘no make-up look’. “Go less on foundation (base) and enhance your features with the right products,” Bhatia says, adding that the right concealer is the key to good make-up. “A nice nude eye make-up with natural eyelashes will help you stay comfortable. You can also experiment with dark cherry shades if you are fond of dark lipsticks or else you can always wear a nude or pink shade, which will never go wrong with any outfit,” adds the 43 year old. Suggesting products for sensitive skin that can be used to achieve this look, Bhatia shares, “Those with oily skin should use water-based products, or rub an ice cube on their face before applying make-up. Those with dry skin should use hydrating products, otherwise they can experience dry and flaky skin after make-up.”

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