Special: Actor Tiger Shroff's sister, Krishna Shroff, is creating her own niche in the world of fitness

Krishna runs one of the most popular MMA leagues where she gets the best fighters to spar with each other
Krishna Shroff
Krishna Shroff

Jackie shroff's younger daughter Krishna Shroff chose not to take the beaten path and followed her own instincts instead. Sister of star actor Tiger Shroff, this pretty, young mixed martial arts expert is loved by her million followers on Instagram for her healthy lifestyle choices and zest for fitness. In fact, this spunky girl runs one of the most popular MMA leagues where she gets the best fighters to spar with each other.

"We’re coming back with Matrix Fight Night 8 in March and let’s just say that the fans are going to be extremely thrilled to hear about our next stop," enthuses Krishna. We talk to the energetic and straightforward Krishna about what keeps her healthy and fit.

<em>Krishna Shroff</em>
Krishna Shroff

Were you always such a fitness buff?

I wouldn’t say I’ve always been so passionate about fitness. I never thought I would be one of those people who wake up early to go to the gym. But I’ve always been an extremely active person while growing up. I played all sorts of sports in and after school, and I believe that’s what has helped me achieve a certain level of athleticism and initiated me on a path to fitness.

What's your daily fitness regimen? 

I prefer starting my days with workouts since it really sets the tone for my day on a positive note. I like to do my weight training followed by a little cardio right after. If I have some energy left, I try to get the second session of cardio in the evening. Other than that, I focus on consuming protein during every meal and make sure to stay hydrated. I try to only drink water and don’t really give in to too many other kinds of drinks. 

How often do you train with your brother? 

Not much, really since our schedules are so different. I prefer training in the morning and he trains in the evening. Our training chart is quite similar though and our trainer might just do different variations with us, but a woman is capable enough to train like a man and training doesn’t have to differ, I believe. 

<em>Krishna Shroff</em>
Krishna Shroff

Your mom, Ayesha Shroff, too is highly into weight training. How much do you get inspired by her? 

I’m so inspired by her! She’s a freaking superhuman. My brother had to get it from somewhere. Not a lot of people my age keep up with me at the gym and she’s out here surpassing all of us, which is so inspiring. 

Tell us about your daily diet?

Every day’s different, but I like to focus on getting a high intake of protein at every meal. I always start my day with a glass of hot lemon water followed by my pre-workout meal comprising a slice of brown bread toast with three scrambled egg whites and a double shot of espresso. My meals almost only consist of eggs, chicken, fish, lamb, and leafy greens. I don’t ever restrict myself when we eat out though. I believe in making the most out of every experience, so I’ll happily indulge in a full-size pizza and that's not just on Sunday. Pizzas and Nutella are my comfort food. 

Your skin and hair care regimen? 

I’m so glad I don’t wear make up or feel the need to unless I’m shooting. I believe that’s been the saving grace for my skin. I love moisturising my skin since I have extremely dry skin. For my hair, I like to nourish it with oil and occasional hair spas. A hydrating face mist and lip oil are all I carry with me always.

Twitter: @sharmidas25

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