Paloma about town: A recap of all good things!

Looking at what we enjoyed the most about 2023 and want to see more of in 2024

And just like that, another year comes to a close. Instagram is filled with photo collages of 2023 and we look back on it fondly. Christmas this year for me was an intimate affair with family and close friends. Of course it included the usual food overload with lots of roast chicken, eggnog and plum cake. But if we’re doing a recap then I’d call this year the year of the skin clinics, with one popping up at every corner. The residents of Chennai should have the most glowing of skin as a result. But dazzling skin aside, since this is the last column of the year, let’s have a look at what we enjoyed the most about this year and want to see more of in 2024.

Curated food and drink events: I love that food has been the anchor for so many interesting events. From food and wine, to art, music and dance, we’ve seen a range of pairings that we’ve enjoyed. I feel like we’ve seen that major shift, where food had traded places with fashion to become the star of the show. 

Sustainable Décor: I loved that we’ve seen so many sustainable Christmas trees around the city, made of a range of up cycled materials. From driftwood and recycled plastic, to scraps. One of them was even made completely of books. All through the year, more brands surfaced that specialise in making recycled décor, putting sustainability first.

Family carnivals: Maybe this is something I’m noticing, now that I’m a parent myself but it’s great to see more events for the whole family. Whether it is Christmas or Halloween we’ve seen lots of well put together events that all age groups of the family can enjoy, including the furry ones.

Wedding shows: Gone are the days where brides-to-be have to travel far and wide to do their wedding shopping. We’ve seen multiple pop ups over the year featuring clothes, jewellery and a range of bridal accessories.

Coffee shops: The humble coffee shop has received a serious bump in status, vying with pubs and resto bars for the top spot. Coffee connoisseurs are thrilled at both the quality and range on offer. From French press to Chemex to pour over, you name it, you’ve got it. Being a hardcore coffee fan myself, I’m not complaining.

Here’s looking forward to lots of wholesome goodness in 2024, Happy New Year!

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