Tamil Nadu NGO promotes vulture conservation using art

There are nests of white backed vultures as well as that of Long billed vultures in the villages of Erode districts

author_img IANS Published :  17th August 2023 03:00 PM   |   Published :   |  17th August 2023 03:00 PM
Image Credits: IANS

Image Credits: IANS

A Tamil Nadu-based NGO, working closely for vulture conservation, is promoting the conservation of the big bird using art by roping in renowned artist Sivakumar, who has to his credit drawn more than 250 birds in the book Thiruvannamalai Mavatta Paravaikal. The book has details of each bird.

The NGO, Arulagam, has been closely working for vulture conservation in the state and has been campaigning among pharmasicts and veterinarains on the need for preserving vultures and the importance of food chain. S. Bharathidasan, secretary of Arulagam, said that the organisation has joined hands with noted artist of Tiruvannamalai, R. Sivakumar to educate people about environmental issues and to provide inspiration to take action for preserving the environment.

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Arulagam, according to its office bearers will be displaying the artwork in 12 villages in Madhumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) and eight in Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) in Erode district. The NGO is of the opinion that the artwork will create an environment of support for the vultures among the local people and would be supportive for the conservation efforts. There are nests of white backed vultures as well as that of Long billed vultures in the villages of Erode districts.

The state government has been taking proactive measures for vulture conservation and the Tamil Nadu Drug Control Department had filed charges against suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers of the drug Diclofenac in the state. The government had formally put restrictions on the Diclofenac vial size in 2015. This was following the Bombay Natural History Society presenting evidences that the bigger vial sizes were being misused for veterinary use.

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