Nutritionist Vasudha Goenka believes in scientific nutrition plans rather than diet trends

We talk to the spirited wellness and health expert about her journey

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  03rd March 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd March 2023 12:00 AM

Vasudha Goenka


Vasudha Goenka took up nutrition as a subject since she found it fascinating and empowering. “I wanted to learn about it since I was battling with my own weight and body image issues,” recalls the renowned nutritionist.

Over the years Vasudha kept furthering her knowledge and followed a healthy fitness regimen before finally she enrolled for international courses both offline and online to become a certified nutritionist. She began practising professionally at the Bellevue Clinic initially before opening her own studio, Mind Body Soul. We talk to the spirited wellness and health expert about her journey.

What are the lessons you have learned as a wellness entrepreneur?

Throughout my journey as a nutritionist and fitness instructor, I have learned three very important lessons. First, there are no shortcuts. Second, a lot of patience, consistency, and hard work are required to reach your fitness goals. And last, if there’s no pain there’s no gain.

In a city full of health experts, what does it take to stand out?

I believe just like in any other profession one needs to stick to their core set of principles to stand out from the crowd. I try to stick to scientific diets and not go by fad diets.

Are there any hurdles you face as a woman?

No, in fact, I find it to be a really positive thing as I am able to connect more with my female clientele and also understand food better. Also, my family has been a big support and helped me to work in my chosen in my field.

How conscious have people become nowadays about what they eat?

Everyone has exposure to all types of information thanks to the internet. However, the application of the knowledge isn’t always the best or most consistent. Also, not all sources of knowledge are authentic or helpful. So, one needs to be a bit cautious about where one gets the information from.

Your future plans?

I plan to reach out to more people and aim at spreading awareness about my practice, and beliefs and inspire people along the way to live a healthy, fit, and disease-free life. I also plan to launch more studios as well as a cafe that serves delicious but healthy food.

Who inspires you and why?

Recently, I really got into kettlebell sports and also took part in several competitions where I came across many women and men who were lifting kettlebells in their 60s and 70s. That is my inspiration. I’ll feel accomplished if I even come close to being that healthy when I reach their age.

Your message to women who aspire to be nutritionists?

To be a good nutritionist, learn from a good and reputed institute or organization and keep yourself always updated with the help of the Internet. Follow science and do not go by trends.