When colours speak - Rainbow Revelry

TNIE lensman D Sampath Kumar captures the moments from the Holi celebration in Chennai.
People celebrating Holi
People celebrating Holi Photo | D Sampath Kumar

From ecstatic dances to the beats of ‘Rang Barse’ to savouring traditional delights like ‘gujiya’ and ‘thandai’, the festival of Holi was always worth waiting for. Donning vibrant attire, and gleefully hurling water balloons and splashing colours on friends is what my dream Holi looked like. Sunday was a dream come true at the Rang Raas Holi, Chennai’s biggest Holi concert — by Gigscape, Hivefy, In Vouge Company, Chilly Tales, TAP and Swiggy Stepping Out — was conducted at YMCA, Royapettah.

With over 6,000 revellers, the extravaganza pulsated with the celebration of music and dance and an electrifying lineup of celebrities like Rannvijay Sinha, actor, DJ Bravo, renowned cricketer and DJ Aqeel, DJ and composer. With the rainbow-themed arena, the venue unveiled itself as a nostalgic haven, beckoning me to immerse in cherished memories destined to last a lifetime.

As I wade through different stalls, the carnival was all set to make my experience an unforgettable one featuring rain dance, face painting, food, games, an eccentric photo booth and party setup grooving to the Nasik Dhol, the regional folk drum of Maharashtra.

“We wanted to give Chennai something they’ve never seen before. Dedicated zones were organised for kids, Barbie-themed areas, and premium couple zones for maximum comfort and enjoyment. We had even incorporated cutting-edge gadgets like blowers, CO2 jets, and colour pyros to infuse a modern twist into the festivities,” says Darshan Nahar, founder, Hivefy India.

Amidst the buzz of activity, the square transformed into a culinary paradise, tantalising my tastebuds with an array of icy and quenchers where each sip was a refreshing respite from the sweltering heat of summer.

Every splash of colour was not just a pigment but a tale of joy and celebration, painting the atmosphere with an unparalleled sense of jubilation.

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