Divya Himatsingka takes Skulpt to new heights this year

With her digital initiatives, Skulpt under Divya Himatsingka is now operating globally

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  24th December 2021 01:24 AM   |   Published :   |  24th December 2021 01:24 AM

Divya Himatsingka of Skulpt

The sudden lockdown in 2020 did catch Divya Himatsingka off-guard but the aggressive digital approach made sure things under control by 2021. “We had to learn how to make the most given the current situation. Our only agenda was to help members and staff during these trying times and find alternate sources of revenue,” recalls a passionate Divya, who stresses that Skulpt Fitness Stuidio is a people-centric fitness centre. She created workout videos for members, held live online sessions and also curated exclusive bookings for those who were willing to come to the gym and work out alone with their trainer.

Her digital efforts reaped good dividends and Skulpt is no longer restricted to its AJC Bose Road address. “Our online training opened up new horizons and now, we not only train clients in India but we also have online clients in the UK and Singapore. Our International Online Training Module has done really well and the different time zones also work in our favour and don’t disturb our floor timings.”

The impeccable safety protocols followed by the gym got the members back to the floor in no time, as well. Talking about the renewed perspective of fitness enthusiasts Divya tells us, “People have realised that investing in health and fitness has its own benefits. They now know that they need to improve their immunity and strength to fight unknown viruses.”

She adds, “The most noticeable change is in their attitude towards the gym. Earlier, gyms used to be last in their dispensable plan. That mindset has changed.” Moving forward, Divya wants to increase her international training database and external personal training clients. Wishing for a healthier 2022, Divya suggests those with active social life who find it difficult to maintain any diet restrictions focus on compound movements as it targets larger muscle groups, thus resulting in a quick and effective routine. “They could also opt for a longer duration of cardio, even if at the cost of a little more time commitment, to maximise calorie loss,” signs off Divya.