Here's why you should make a switch to organic pads and menstrual cups

Do your bit for the planet, switch to biodegradable products
Biodegradable menstrual cups
Biodegradable menstrual cups

Use it, roll it, chuck it – if you are a menstruating woman, this routine will only be too familiar to you. At least if you are someone who uses a disposable sanitary pad every month. Did you know that there are about 336 million girls and women like you on their periods, out of which about 121 million use disposable pads? If we were to take the number of sanitary pads used each month as 8, which amounts to over 12.3 billion disposable napkins every year! If that does not ring an alarm bell, then here is some more. Estimates from the Menstrual Health Alliance India suggest that one sanitary pad may take at least 800 years to decompose. This is because the plastic is non-biodegradable and can cause harm to both your health and that of the environment. Every pad is equivalent to four plastic bags. Is it not high time to then make a switch to more sustainable alternatives? Want more reasons? Srijana Bagaria, Co-Founder, Pee Safe tells us more. Read on:

#Organic and biodegradable pads are made of cotton. They have an efficient absorbent cellulose core which keeps you dry and does not cause any reactions to the sensitive skin around the genitalia. This further prevents any rashes and infections, also because the material is free of harmful chemicals.

#Organic pads and menstrual cups are sterile. Given that you need to change the pads frequently during a cycle, these sustainable options can save you from the risk of contracting severe bacterial and fungal infections. Use a menstrual cup and you reduce your environmental footprint as well.

# Choosing a reusable sanitary napkin, biodegradable sanitary pad, or menstrual cup means you have chosen to go away from products that contain plastic which takes years to break down completely and decompose. Incineration is also not a solution since it can release toxic fumes which can lead to air pollution. Natural and biodegradable pads decompose in a period of 2 years. The outcome is healthy skin and a better environment.

# Organic pads are free of harmful chemicals. They are not bleached in chlorine and do not contain dioxin which is a risk factor for diseases like cervical cancer and certain birth defects as well, not to mention urinary tract infections. The dioxin fumes are also a cause of severe air pollution.

# If you are an animal lover, then you must know that organic sanitary pads are healthy for them too. This is because the raw material is grown in an organic environment and does not use any pesticides, thereby saving the lives of animals and other organisms.

# You could even try opting for the eco-friendly tampons available today. They are biodegradable and free from chlorine bleach, dyes, and other synthetics.

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