Quarantine life: Here are 7 simple steps to take care of your skin

Here are seven simple tips to pamper your skin
Pamper your skin in seven simple tips. (Image courtesy: Instagram/Lotus Organics+)
Pamper your skin in seven simple tips. (Image courtesy: Instagram/Lotus Organics+)

The lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has changed our day-to-day functioning drastically. While on one hand, it is challenging to adjust to this new lifestyle, on another hand, it has given us a lot of time for self-love. And, what better way to pamper yourself by taking care of your skin. If you are wondering how to go about, we have some easy tips from Lotus Organics+:

1. Cleanse your face at least twice a day and use a gentle and non-toxic cleanser for the same. It is recommended to wash your face with hot water so that the pores open up and the dirt can come out of them. A very important point - wash your face only after washing your hands well. 

2. Technically, the skin is amongst the biggest organs and covers the entire body which means that a dehydrated body will lead to dehydrated skin. Therefore, drink plenty of water as it will regulate the flow of blood and will keep skin soft and supple.


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3. Exfoliate your skin every alternate day and choose an exfoliator that is gentle and effective. It removes dead skin cells and gives a luminous skin with an ever glowing complexion.

4. Get plenty of good sleep for a healthy rejuvenation of skin cells and tissues. Power down your phone, iPad, TV, etc. at least 30 mins before your bedtime and read a book or listen to music to clear away your mind.

5. Exercise regularly. Indulge in some physical activity. It could be running, skipping, walking or dancing. It helps to increase blood flow to the skin and also helps in relieving the stress, which if not kept under checks can have an adverse effect on both, your health and skin.

6. Always keep your skin moisturised, not only it prevents from getting dry and flaky but also helps the skin cells perform at their maximum potential. 

7. Have a healthy diet as what you eat has a significant impact on your skin. Have foods which are a rich source of antioxidants as they neutralize free radicals. Foods like blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, Green tea, etc. have a good amount of antioxidants present in them.

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