For flawless skin this summer invest in a good sunblock: Skin expert Gunjan Jain

Skin expert Gunjan Jain tells us why sunblock is necessary for daily skin care

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Sunscreen for flawless skin

With lockdown our entire healthcare routine has changed. Less outdoor activities in the schedule translate to minimum or no make-up. Tubes of concealers and foundations are stuck in the corner of the dressing table and our favourite shade of lipstick is also missing the limelight. We are all at our natural best. However, skin damage can still happen. The skin is more prone to skin darkening and pigmentation and Gunjan Jain, National Education Manager, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, L’Oreal India, helps us understand the importance of sunblock and how we can attain a flawless skin this summer. Excerpts:  

Since we are mostly indoors now, do we still need sunblock?

Yes absolutely, a sunblock is a must even when you are indoors. The ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun can be divided into 3 kinds of rays – UVA, UVB and UVC. Out of these, UVC rays are the shortest rays and don’t reach the earth due to ozone absorption. UVB rays can get blocked by the windows in your house (due to their design). However, the UVA rays account for 95 per cent of the UV radiation that reaches the earth and can cause pre-mature ageing and other concerns. They can also penetrate through the windows, creating the need for you to use a sunblock.

Does applying sunblock help in reversing pigmentation and skin darkening?

Applying sunblock prior to sun exposure can prevent skin darkening, tanning and ageing concerns from occurring. However, it cannot reverse existing pigmentation, which could have occurred due to a number of reasons other than the sun’s rays.

What should be the ideal routine to apply sunblock?

The best practice would be to start with a facial cleanser that will help in unclogging your pores and get rid of sweat and the accumulation of dead skin cells. Post that, use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Finish with a broad-spectrum sunblock for that much needed sun protection. Re-apply twice a day, if needed. Use 15-20 minutes before stepping out.

What should one look for in a sunblock before buying it?

SPF - Sun Protection Factor is a scientific measure in your sunblock that denotes the reduction in risk of skin damage from sun radiation. Broad Spectrum protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. While planning to purchase a sunblock, one must ensure that a physical blocker such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide is present, in addition to the SPF rating, like DermaShade Sunblock SPF 50 and SPF 30.

What's the ideal spectrum of a sunblock for Indian skin?

A broad spectrum sunblock in the range of SPF 30 to SPF 50, based on your skin type is best. 


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