Ever heard ice cream can be a part of a healthy and well-balanced diet? Check this out

This sweet and refreshing treat can be a part of a healthy and well-balanced diet if consumed in moderation
Is eating ice cream healthy?
Is eating ice cream healthy?

Recently we celebrated Ice Cream Day and if I ask ‘how many of us like to have this frozen dessert’, I know most of us will say: me! Our body is genetically programmed to prefer sweet tastes, so it’s normal for us to flock to foods like lollies and ice creams. Ice cream is popular among all age groups irrespective of place and environment. So here comes the next question: ‘is ice cream really bad for our health?’ Most mothers would say yes! Just like we all have seen our mothers hiding ice creams from us while growing up. However, my answer would be: It’s not bad unless we overdo it. And this is with any food or ingredient — when consumed in excess it will cause indigestion and inflammation in the body. We have to be mindful of the food that’s going into our body.

We start acquiring a high taste threshold for sweetness when having too many sugar-loaded foods like ice cream. Too much sugar creates acid in the body leading to acidity which is a major cause of almost all diseases, discomfort, inflammation, stomach issues, aches, pains, weight gain, hyperactivity in kids and low immunity.

I mentioned these side effects of high sugar so that you know sugar is definitely not healthy. However, we don’t have to stop our celebrations which are deeply connected with a bowl of ice cream. As I mentioned, we have to be mindful and eat it in moderation. Anything in excess or too much sugar can also lead to glycation, wherein sugar molecules act with the protein fiber making them malformed and stiff, discoloured, weak and less springy which affects our skin’s surface and causes limpness, lines, wrinkles and loss of radiance. It also accelerates the skin’s aging process.

With the growing popularity of ice cream and the increasing number of brands, we have healthy ice cream options as well. Made with dates, raisins, jaggery, raw unheated honey, brown sugar mixed with organic A2 milk or fruits, ice creams can be a healthy treat. They also contain nutrients and have protective as well as antioxidant properties. Jaggery, for instance, has minerals like iron, chromium, magnesium, manganese and zinc; while brown sugar contains chlorine, iron, potassium and sodium. Raw, unheated honey has different vitamins and minerals, including iron. If we have healthy food loaded with nutrients it will surely benefit our health but ultimately the focus has to be on moderation and mindfulness.

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