A modern introspection through yoga and storytelling

This workshop brings together two practices for teenagers and adults

Jose Joy Published :  19th May 2017 06:58 PM   |   Published :   |  19th May 2017 06:58 PM

Modern time has seen yoga being tied to eccentric practices. Some variants like beer yoga and stiletto yoga have taken the internet by storm. The common perception of the ancient Indian practice is hence restricted to its mere physical aspects. Acharya Hariprasad Varma’s collaborative workshop with educationist Deepa Kiran, however, imparts a different idea of tradition through the art of storytelling.

“If you observe, yoga and storytelling have certain similarities. While the former intends to make a person aware of their own body and patterns of mind, the latter encourages an individual to observe what emotions the tale evokes within,” explains the 31-year-old guru, when asked about pairing these seemingly distinct realms. Also, both the trainers being familiar with each other’s sphere of expertise helps them design this day-long workshop. Deepa—who’s also a national award-winning academician in the field of 'storytelling in pedagogy'—pulls in her knowledge of Iyengar yoga to create stories pertaining to the form.

Flexing the mind

So, how do they blend the exclusively-designed stories with the age-old discipline? “We weave a story on a quality which represents an ashtanga (eight limbs or branches). After this, the participants will be trained to look into their own self and communicate what the narrative evokes,” says Hariprasad, who is trained in the Krishnamacharya tradition of the practice. Each member of the session will be acquainted with deep-breathing techniques and prompted to express themselves through activities like painting or songs.

The duo’s activities are designed to suit teenagers and adults, as they believe that a certain maturity is essential for completing these.“Every individual is crowded by technology and most people grow up to be adults who are detached from their present reality,” Hariprasad reiterates the importance to stay in touch with one's own self and the immediate environment.  The group-intensive workshop also creates a space to strengthen bonds in an age which, according to the trainer, has ‘attached bathrooms-but-detached relationships’. 

`2,000, On May 20 from 9 am to 5 pm.

At Vrindavan Ayurveda Resort, Aluva

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