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With Kahlo and Husain on Board

Gulam Mohammed Sheikh steers a conversation between past & present, peace & violence, by painting artists from Frida Kahlo to Tagore, Husain & Souza on an ark afloat on the great ocean of life

Published on 24th February 2024

Hyderabad-based artiste, Almo drops his latest track, So Far

The artiste talks about his inspirations and perpetual love for the art form

Published on 23rd February 2024
Turbo Deluxe Artwork

Indian artistes Mitika Kanwar, Yashraj collaborate with Talal Qureshi for 'Turbo Deluxe' 

The Lahore-based electronic music producer and musician has re-released his debut album 'Turbo' with three additional tracks

Published on 22nd February 2024
A Vijay Karthikeyan and Idumbavanam V Prakash Ilaiyaraja

Nagaswaram artistes Vijay Karthikeyan and Prakash Ilaiyaraja to perform at LanFest

Mesmerising renditions by this duo will leave you rejuvenated

Published on 23rd February 2024

Shubha Mudgal's upcoming show at Your Artist promises to be an educational experience of hindustani vocal music

Your Artist is curated and initiated by Bijayini Satpathy, which is structured as a two-session set.

Published on 21st February 2024
Babita Phogat visits Suhani Bhatnagar’s home to pay tribute to the late artiste

Babita Phogat visits Suhani Bhatnagar’s home to pay tribute to the late artiste

Suhani’s sudden passing on Friday sent shockwaves through the industry

Published on 20th February 2024

H Ajoomal Fine Jewellery's Gold Streak is a fusion of artistic ingenuity

The Gold Streak is inspired by the profound symbolism of mandalas in Hindu and Buddhist culture

Published on 19th February 2024

Painting the Big Fat Indian Wedding

With her unique artworks drawn live on site, lawyer-turned-wedding painter Noor is immortalising the big day for Delhi’s couples and making their weddings stand out

Published on 19th February 2024

Small is beautiful for artist Shibu Natesan

In a marked departure from his earlier works, Kerala artist Shibu Natesan focuses on still life and a smaller scale in an ongoing exhibition

Published on 18th February 2024
Artistes Dan Parent, John Layman, Alok Sharma, Roshan Kurichiyanil, Akshara Ashok, Roshan Kurichiyanil, Rajesh Nagulakonda, and Savio Mascarenas: Artworks by attending artistes and cosplayers

As Chennai Comic Con debuts today, here are all the attending artists getting you into the groove

Our exclusive chats with artists Dan Parent, John Layman, Savio Mascarenhas, Akshara Ashok, and many others reveal what they are bringing to their panels. Cosplayer Suriya Banu also joins the chat

Published on 16th February 2024
On display

Artist Kanika Mukherjee’s ode to the wild

Her upcoming exhibition, Landscape In Cotton will illustrate the remains and wholeness of nature

Published on 16th February 2024
In Frame: Alicia with AILex

Spanish artist Alicia Framis set to become the first woman to marry an AI-generated hologram

The courtship is a part of the 'hybrid couples' project which Alicia thinks will soon take over the dating scene

Published on 14th February 2024
Badshah to perform at Untold Dubai

Rapper Badshah to debut at Untold; becomes first-ever Indian artist to perform at the Festival 

The rapper will join Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, G Eazy, Bebe Rexha, Elle Goulding and Hardwell at Untold

Published on 13th February 2024
Siddhant Goenka, Sharath Narayan, Motherjane, Peekay, AWKS

Indie artistes' take on love and music 

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, independent musicians explore the evergreen and varying dynamics of love in its comforting constancy, and reassuring presence — why it is so worthy of being scrutinised

Published on 9th February 2024
A narrative through light and sound, art and installations, it will be held till February 10

Visual artist Raihan Vadra curates the art exhibition Upamana

A narrative through light and sound, art and installations, it will be held till February 10

Published on 6th February 2024

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