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Who are the most searched Asians on Google?  

Google has released a list of 'Top 100 Most Searched Asians on Google' for the first half of 2022

Published on 28th June 2022
Chennai AnimeCon 2018 pictures

Chennai's first ever AnimeCon celebrated Asian pop-culture with a lot of colour, fun and drama

The Anime Conference saw people from all over India participate in various competitions like fashion shows, karaoke, ramen-eaten contest and even sketching and painting.

Published on 1st October 2018
World Elephant Day photo

WATCH: Why you need to travel to these 11 destinations around the world to spot elephants

From Mudumalai in India to Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka and Amboseli National Park in Africa, these are the best places recommended by Indian Ecologist and Elephant expert Raman Sukumar.

Published on 12th August 2018

Head over to Chennai's Va Pho to eat the fluffiest bao's in town

Va Pho just opened their second branch in the city at Ampa Skywalk. Here, the chef flips the meat right into your mouth!

Published on 20th April 2018

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