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Multi-designer studio Mono Calcutta is going big on thrift

Mono Calcutta is slowing fast fashion and going big on thrift

Published on 5th February 2021

Calcutta 64 introduces a slice of Park Street in its menu with Chelo Kebab

Now enjoy Chelo Kebab in Salt Lake at Calcutta 64

Published on 5th February 2021

Sandeep Bhutoria launches his new book Calcuttascape, plans to write a travelogue soon

Sandeep Bhutoria's latest book Calcuttascape: Musings of a Globetrotter is a compilation of his blogs 

Published on 6th August 2020

Fix your weekend woes with authentic Bengali dishes from Calcuttacooks

This recently launched cloud kitchen delivers home-cooked Bengali delicacies to your doorstep

Published on 6th July 2020

Omo Calcutta review: Here's exactly what the European bistro gets right with its fresh, farm-to-table approach

Kolkata has a brand new European bistro and its seasonal, homegrown approach to international gastronomy is creating quite a stir


Published on 14th February 2020

Biryani By Kilo nails the Hyderabadi-style version: Here’s a recipe to impress your guests

Biryani By Kilo claims to use Daawat basmati rice specially aged for two years to make their biryanis and their spices are sourced directly from Kerala

Published on 3rd January 2020

Dandelion and Bobo Calcutta unveil The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet, a quirky range of nightwear

Designers Ayushman Mitra and Samyukta Nair create a chic sleepwear range called The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet


Published on 16th December 2019

Calcutta Bakery Café brings Kolkata’s all-time favourites under one roof

Drop in at Calcutta Bakery Café if you wish to savour Kolkata’s favourite dishes

Published on 15th November 2019

Learn horse riding with Calcutta Polo Club this season

Ace in horse riding under the guidance of experts at Calcutta Polo Club

Published on 26th October 2019

Durga Puja special: Renowned author Mani Sankar pens down his thoughts on Puja now and then

Chowringhee author Mani Sankar Mukherji pens a nostalgia piece for Indulge about the evolution of the Durga Puja over the years

Published on 27th September 2019

Aminia at 90: We take a look at the dramatic history of the Calcutta Biryani

Aminia, the trustiest Kolkata biryani joint in the city just turned 90, and we delved deeper into its rich culinary history

Published on 6th September 2019
Oh Calcutta Ilish festival

Soak in the flavours of the hilsa at Oh! Calcutta's River Water Hilsa Festival

Oh! Calcutta is back with its muchawaited River Water Hilsa Festival and will surprise you with its stunning menu

Published on 2nd August 2019

Newcomer Naghma Rizwan all set to play Kusum in AltBalaji's It Happened In Calcutta

AltBalaji's next love saga set in the '60s of Kolkata will see model Naghma Rizwan debut in the lead role

Published on 26th July 2019
Epic City by Kushanava Choudhury

Talking books: Kushanava Choudhury’s Epic City: The World on the Streets of Calcutta

Epic City: The World on the Streets of Calcutta is Kushanava Choudhury’s first book and it is the irreverent tone that attracts you to the book. 

Published on 28th June 2019

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