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The members

In tune with regional music: City-based band Capricio discusses their up-to-the-minute stage 

We catch up with Teja and Eknath from Capricio who tell us about what fans can expect from their brand-new set at Enigma  

Published on 20th January 2023
From the show

Hyderabad-based music band, Capricio, speaks about their US tour

The band has been travelling across the country, leaving a mark everywhere they go

Published on 27th October 2022

Catch music band Capricio's performance tonight at Grease Monkey

Rock to ragas

Published on 24th June 2022

Hyderabad-based outfit, Capricio released a new single, Gundelo, this Valentine’s Day  

Capricio's latest single is about love at first sight

Published on 11th February 2022
The Deccan Project

A ban that’s uncalled for?

Telangana Minister for Prohibition and Excise Srinivas Goud announced that pubs and clubs in the city will be prohibited from playing “loud” music.

Published on 1st February 2022
Band Capricio

Chinmayi Sripada & Capricio: A collab you can’t miss in Hyderabad

Capricio is collaborating with singer Chinmayi Sripada for a live concert at Rock Heights in Shilparamam on October 30. The band’s percussionist, Sai Teja, tells us all about it

Published on 23rd October 2021

Capricio live at Hard Rock Cafe

Fuse it up

Published on 28th September 2018
World Music Day South India

World Music Day special: Most anticipated indie albums in 2018 by South India's leading bands

Time to rock on! Ahead of World Music Day, we find out about new upcoming albums by South India’s hottest acts

Published on 15th June 2018

Gear up for Capricio's gig in Hyderabad

Published on 18th May 2018

Hyderabad's band Capricio is thrilled to be venture into original music

When popular Telugu band Capricio is not playing or composing music, they’re inspiring youngsters at Tedx.

Published on 27th October 2017

Capricio sets out to change the live music scene in Hyd

This Telugu band is steadily gaining momentum with its fusion songs in the city

Published on 2nd June 2017

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