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Saris from Ajrakh edit

Coksa India’s latest collection of Ajrakh saris is an ode to India’s heritage of slow fashion with ancient block printing technique

The edit has saris with Ajrakh prints infused with natural dyes.

Published on 3rd February 2023
Charbagh collection

This collaboration between a heritage bijouterie brand and a designer over jewellery is worth stacking for a minimalist look

The collection is inspired by the royal aesthetics of Indo-Persian quadrilateral gardens blended with modern design sensibilities

Published on 3rd February 2023
Preethi Athreya

Preethi Athreya’s 'Inheritage' is a unique multifaceted exhibition

Tracing a history with objects that we inherit and/or acquire, contemporary dancer Preethi Athreya’s multifaceted exhibition is one-of-its-kind 

Published on 3rd February 2023
Dance of the weaves

Hyderabadi designer Kavitha Gutta's latest drop Veda is a vivacious dance of heritage weaves 

The edit is a tribute to the divine feminine power from the trousseau-favorite designer of the city.

Published on 27th January 2023

Electro Heritage concert promises a confluence of culture

Electro Heritage, a Franco-German concert promises a spectacular show with a showcase of light work

Published on 20th January 2023
The Khajurgaon edit

Mimamsaa’s Khajurgaon collection is a princely nod to Old Lucknow’s Awadhi charm 

The collection is inspired by the opulence of Raj Gharanas of Uttar Pradesh.

Published on 20th January 2023
The Telia Rumal Handloom Gallery

The story keeper of weaving: A tribute to Telangana’s heritage handlooms

Hailing from Puttapaka, a weaving hamlet in Nalgonda in Telangana, Govardhana has been intertwined with the warps and wefts of this double ikat textile since he was a teenager

Published on 15th January 2023

Pongal special: Conservationists and chefs on reviving forgotten grains and using them in everything from biryani to biscotti

Ahead of the Pongal weekend, we reap a fresh harvest of culinary innovation and changing conversation around indigenous grains

Published on 13th January 2023
British cemetery

The Deccan Heritage Foundation revives a legacy 

While preserving the memory of Khairunnisa and James Achilles Kirkpatrick, the restoration of the Rang Mahal gardens persists in the Deccan Heritage Foundation’s repurposing initiatives

Published on 13th January 2023
The Sun Temple of Konark

Odisha Odyssey: A treasure trove of heritage and culture

Sitting on the foundation of a 13th-century stone chariot adorned with 24 intricate wheels that are the monument’s showstopper, the Sun Temple of Konark is undoubtedly the plume in Odisha’s crown

Published on 8th January 2023

Chef Bhaskar Dasgupta of Sonar Tori talks about the importance of methods while working on culinary heritage

We speak to the senior chef in order to understand his vision of Sonar Tori and how he is trying to uphold the nuances within Bengali cuisine

Published on 30th December 2022

Kolkata’s latest gastronomic addition The Bhawanipur House will make you travel in time with its heritage decor

TBH intends to celebrate the diversity of tea instead of coffee taking cues from Kolkata’s age-old bond with the beverage

Published on 23rd December 2022
Kwality turns 70

Old is gold: Park Street's iconic Kwality restaurant turns 70

Announced as a heritage restaurant by the Indian Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, the diner turned 70 this year and we couldn’t help but revisit the place to have a taste of nostalgia.

Published on 16th December 2022

Grand Hotel D’Europe in Pondicherry which is over a century old is a great heritage escape for the weekend

Founded in 1891 and restored some years ago, it retains the art deco style of architecture that was popular in Paris back in the 1920s with sloping wooden beams and elegant stained glass accents 

Published on 16th December 2022
Hermes Heritage in Motion exhibition in Mumbai

The Mark of Marque

The recent Hermès Heritage in Motion in Mumbai gave a glimpse into the French luxury brand’s illustrious history and design inspiration

Published on 27th November 2022

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