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Hoppipola's latest outlet at Salt Lake is a great hangout zone for the millennials

Hoppipola’s Salt Lake outlet is the perfect place for millennials to chill, with options like unique cocktails, and great pub food served with some quirky games on the side

Published on 12th April 2019

Try speed dating at Hoppipola

Participants can meet a minimum of five eligible singles for eight minutes each, and rate their experience.

Published on 1st June 2018

Speed dating at Hoppipola

Get away from your phones and experience old-school speed dating, to meet your significant other.

Published on 3rd May 2018

Uber ties up with 20 resto bars in Chennai

Patrons who use the UberX  services from these 20 resto-bars will be provided with a promo code, which they can avail, for a 25% off on their ride.  

Published on 7th June 2017

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