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A still from 777 Charlie

Charlie Chaplin to be presented as a prominent character in Kiranraj’s 777 Charlie

Kiranraj reveals the reason behind the title of 777 Charlie, and how it is a tribute to the world-famous artiste

Published on 24th May 2022

Actor Sibiraj: Sometimes, you do films not for the reviews but for the revenue

... says the actor, who returns with last week’s Ranga after a gap of two years

Published on 23rd May 2022

Kannadati-fame Kiran Raj gears up for his next 

The college caper, titled Buddies, directed by Gurutej Shetty, will hit the screens on June 24

Published on 18th May 2022
Congregation in a village, oil on canvas (1957)

Artist Somnath Hore's ‘Wounds’ series, on display at New Delhi, portrays raw reality of starvation, loss, suffering

It was perhaps the trauma of being witness to a catastrophe like the Bengal famine in 1944 that Somnath continued to feel drawn towards pain, a theme that has come to define his artistic practice

Published on 15th May 2022
Kalamandalam Krishnendu

Kirathi comes to life

Kalamandalam Krishnendu has been a performer of Nangiarkoothu — solo performance part of the Sanskrit theatrical artform Koodiyattam — for over two decades.

Published on 13th May 2022
Satish Gujral’s burnt wood sculptures at a limited series exhibition examine the allegories of rage and freedom in modern India

Unique sculptures in burnt wood capture the rage that late artist Satish Gujral was feeling during the Emergency

The public recently saw a rare aspect of his artistic practice, hosted as part of the Kiran Gujral Art Initiative

Published on 8th May 2022
Representational pic

The art of keeping art alive

With silence being a prerequisite in these no-talking zones, it is hard to have conversations about growing disenchantment with friends, in an effort to stay awake

Published on 6th May 2022

Abu Dhabi-based life science writer Kiran Kannan talks about his new-found interest in self-sustainable terrariums

With his strong foundation in biology and science as a backing, Kannan decided to create similar tropical terrariums

Published on 10th April 2022

Hyderabad-based comedian Saikiran Rayaprolu chats about his new show, and comedy 

Saikiran, the hilarious comic who does it with a straight face, opens up about his upcoming special Pure Veg Jokes

Published on 10th February 2022

Kiran Abbavaram's next titled Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha

Also starring Kashmira Pardeshi, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha marks the debut of Murali Kishor Abburu as the director

Published on 8th January 2022
Kayamai Kadakka director Kiran R

Kayamai Kadakka director Kiran R: People go to theatres only for big-budget films

Kayamai Kadakka, starring Vatsan M Natarajan and Masanth Natarajan, revolves around two Facebook friends who meet in real life for the first time

Published on 2nd December 2021

Sanjana Anand to make her Telugu debut

The actor will be paired opposite Kiran Abbavaram in a romantic drama; shooting to begin on October 25

Published on 13th October 2021

Kiran Abbavaram's new film launched

The film marks the debut of late director Kodi Ramakrishna's daughter Divya Deepthi as the producer

Published on 9th October 2021
Statement pieces from Summer Somewhere x Kira collection

The Summer Somewhere x Kira collection offers minimalistic beach-themed jewellery  

Summer Somewhere collaborates with Kira to launch sustainable and plastic free jewellery

Published on 17th September 2021

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