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Before Band Merakee's live gig in Hyderabad we chatted with their lead singer Ganesh Krovvidi 

With live gigs and concerts coming back, Ganesh Krovvidi from the band Merakee before their live performance takes us through the band's journey and what's in store for the fans in the near future. 

Published on 27th November 2020

Band Merakee set to perform at Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad

Medley matters

Published on 9th May 2019
Merakee Band hyderabad

Hyderabad's regional band Merakee talks about their music and journey so far

Along with Ganesh, the five-member outfit consists of Manohar Sujith (lead guitarist), Sunny Anantarapu (guitarist), Elia V (pianist) and  Vishal Sagar (drummer).

Published on 3rd May 2019

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