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Koel Purie Rinchet’s new play dismantles the long-held misbeliefs and stereotypes of motherhood 

What sets the production apart is Koel’s unflinching honesty and how she doesn’t shy away from exposing the stark disparities between societal expectations and the actual experience of motherhood

Published on 29th September 2023
It's after almost 4 years thespian and actor Arna Mukhopadhyay is back directing a play. Theatre aficionados will witness him today both on stage and behind it, directing one of playwright-actor Utpal

Arna Mukhopadhyay talks about directing his new play, Nakshatra Shikar, after 4 years

Nakshatra Shikar is a play by Utpal Dutt that deals with politics, powerplay, and the distortion of democracy by those in power

Published on 29th September 2023
Spotify launches new kind of playlist that changes as per your mood

Spotify launches new kind of playlist that changes as per your mood

On Tuesday, the world's largest music streaming service Spotify introduced a brand-new playlist type dubbed "daylist" that adapts to the emotions or moods of its customers.

Published on 12th September 2023

Theatre artist Bhaskar Gauribidanur‘s new play, The Final Twist, adapted from a book of the same name will première in  the city,  this weekend  

The script, taken as is, revolves around Merlin Foster, a renowned Oscar-winning actor who hires Charlie Nicholson, a struggling writer with writer’s block

Published on 16th June 2023
Poster of the play

Shudrka explores Rabindranath Tagore's feminist vision in their new play 

The production will be showcased in Hyderabad on the occassion of Rabindra Jayanti

Published on 8th May 2023

Last Page Collective's new play Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire comes to the city

Every time I read the play, I saw so many of my loved ones in these characters, and they have
definitely inspired the vision behind it.

Published on 18th November 2022

Vivek Vijayakumar’s latest play questions the idea of safety and freedom

The production stars Abhitej Gupta, Kavya Srinivasan, Honey Raza, Shrunga BV and Lakshmana KP in the lead roles

Published on 18th November 2022

Glue, a play depicting the life of street urchins, comes to the city

This new and original script by V Balakrishnan reflects on the consequences of inhaling sealants. 

Published on 16th September 2022

Kolkata thespian Bappa to stage his new play, Nayan Kabirer Pala, this May 7

The play is based on Nabendu Sen's story and is about two out-of-job comedians

Published on 21st April 2022
A scene from the play

Vijay Padaki takes inspiration from the classic Tagore short story for his new play, Kabuliwala Calling

Bangalore Little Theatre stages the production this week at Ranga Shankara

Published on 11th March 2022
Ayesha Susan Thomas

KathaSiyah’s new play highlights how medical science is discriminatory towards women

The Amazing Flabby-Breasted Virgin & Other Sordid Tales! deals with the archaic terms and ideas that medical science is replete with

Published on 4th February 2022
Sukoon-E-Sanam by SANAM

Sanam band’s new playlist in association with Saregama is all you need to beat the lockdown blues

Titled Sukoon-E-Sanam, the playlist brings together a collection of evergreen tracks that has been famously recreated by the band Sanam.

Published on 28th May 2021

After Bengali webseries Shobdo Jobdo filmmaker-actor Rajat Kapoor is ready with his new play

Actor-director Rajat Kapoor tells us that he believes in being a part of diverse and interesting projects, rather than showing up everywhere

Published on 28th February 2020

Ultimate Kurukshetra, a new play, takes a look at the Mahabharata with a twist

This take on the Mahabharata explores the epic through its minor characters with a pinch of humour

Published on 22nd December 2018

A new play looks at all the troubled marriages of the British Royal family

A new satire on the British royal family looks at the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles

Published on 8th June 2018

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