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Kerala’s first lending library for graphic novels opens at Vazhakkala 

The space also holds a unique art school which focuses on creative development among children

Published on 1st September 2017
Arundhati Roy

The most intimate moments are shattered now: Arundhati Roy

Booker winning author Arundhati Roy, back after a hiatus of two decades and long-listed for the much-coveted award, speaks about new writing in an interview. 

Published on 30th August 2017

Bangalore past, present & future in a gorgeous new graphic novel

A group of 18 artists come together in Bangalore: A Graphic Novel, to show what the city means to them.

Published on 30th August 2017
The Knives by Richard T Kelly

Tackling terror, battling betrayal: A British politician's fate

How effective could you be against a backdrop of budgetary cutbacks, political intrigue and a sensationalist media ready to pounce on any lapse?

Published on 30th August 2017
The Saptan Story

In seventh heaven: Crowdsourced arts project, The Saptan Story

Seven artists from the UK and India come together for a unique crwodsourced digital arts project

Published on 30th August 2017

8 reasons you cannot miss the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival

All roads lead to Bhutan this August, as one of the happiest nations in the world gears up for the eighth edition of the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival.

Published on 23rd August 2017

Desert warrior, ignored prophet: Lawrence of Arabia's life, legend and legacy

As the entire Middle East is in greater turmoil than ever before, we should remember T.E. Lawrence, whose 129th birth anniversary was on August 17.

Published on 21st August 2017
Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway's hangout in Cuba marks 200th anniversary

A bar in Havana which used to be American Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway "hangout" spot and also the birthplace of the classic daiquiri cocktail, is marking its 200th anniversary this year.

Published on 19th August 2017
The Fix

A gangland-style execution at the FBI HQ: David Baldacci's The Fix

A gangland-style execution -- and the murderer's subsequent suicide -- right outside the FBI headquarters in Washington is witnessed by an extraordinary agent who is now tasked to solve it.

Published on 19th August 2017
Manoj Jain

A psychologist's observations: Manoj Jain's third novel, Balraj

Balraj is the third book by author Manoj Jain, following up on The BNO and The THC.

Published on 19th August 2017
The Great Kabab Factory

Oh my gosht! Age-old meat recipes at The Great Kabab Factory

Tuck into age-old secret recipes and innovative takes on classic dishes at The Great Kabab Factory.

Published on 17th August 2017

IT seems worthwhile on every level: Stephen King

Author Stephen King's horror novel It will be brought alive on the big screen next month. He says It  isn't just a horror movie, it has resonance.

Published on 16th August 2017

A chat with Poorna Jagannathan on Room 104 

“Let’s just say I’ve walked my own mother through technology. Several times. And am surprised we’re both still alive!” says Poorna

Published on 15th August 2017

Judging books by their names, a trip through tantalising titles

While an indirect, rather fanciful title is now the norm, even among them, some have an edge in captivating readers.

Published on 15th August 2017

Chennai’s hospitality honchos will cater 1 lakh meals on I-Day

Chennai’s honchos of hospitality open up their kitchens to cater 1 lakh meals for the homeless this Independence Day

Published on 11th August 2017

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