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Hormonal acne is primarily driven by fluctuations in androgen hormones, particularly testosterone. DrĀ  Akanksha Singh Cornuit, founder of ProMed Aesthetics, gives us more insights into the same

Understanding Hormonal Acne, Cause, Treatment

Stress is a non-hormonal factor that can exacerbate hormonal acne

Published on 5th January 2024
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5 supplements for treating PCOS naturally

A nationwide PCOS survey conducted in 2021 indicates that 25% of the Indian female population didn’t know about PCOS or PCOD

Published on 23rd September 2023
Fashion designer Masaba Gupta

'Would have to take injections, antibiotics, and even birth control pills,' Masaba Gupta opens up on her struggles with PCOS

The designer talked about her history with makeup and how she had a lot of skin issues as a child

Published on 9th March 2023
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Four ways to manage your PCOS 

What we need to focus on are a few basic lifestyle changes, functional foods and taking a balanced meal to manage the symptoms of PCOS

Published on 30th June 2023
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Seven signs that you might have PCOS

PCOS is also associated with various secondary effects and the symptoms may vary from person to person

Published on 23rd June 2023

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