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Paris Hilton shocks fans in her tell-all documentary, This is Paris

What's revealed in This is Paris is that the ultra-glam, baby-talking young woman whose standard line was “that's hot,” was a manufactured caricature not just for fame but self-protection, too

Published on 15th September 2020

Paris Hilton wants to live forever, says she's trying to 'freezing myself or invent youth pill'

Death scares me because I don't know what happens. I just don't want it to be nothing because that would be so boring, says Paris Hilton

Published on 16th March 2020

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike chat about Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and their dream collaboration

The duo opens up about their music in our quick five

Published on 8th November 2019

Five cameos in Supernatural that you might have missed by a blink

While Supernatural comes to an end lets pay a tribute to some of the popular cameos who played an important part in the show

Published on 30th October 2019
Paris Hilton gets engaged

Wedding bells for Paris Hilton?

The 36-year-old heiress is kick-starting her new year with an engagement​ to reality star / DJ is all ready to marry actor Chris Zylka.

Published on 3rd January 2018
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's selfie obsession

Paris Hilton says she has been taking selfies since she was very young

Published on 12th May 2017

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